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Come and visit our friendly Wolverhampton Hair Salon. Based in Wolverhampton City Centre Revive Hair Artists offers a unique hair styling experience for both Men & Women. We offer nothing but a first class service in everything that we provide including bridal hair, cuts & finishes, hair colouring, Brazilian blow drys, gents hair colouring, ment hair cuts and so much more!

We’re a friendly team offering years of experience and a great selection of retail products for you to maintain your new look.

Keeping in touch with our clients allows us to maintain strong relationships and offer a truly enjoyable luxury experience that our clients love, It also allows us to better understand what our clients want from their hairdresser which is why we’re a vegan friendly hair salon.

What Can You Expect When Visiting Us?

When you're visiting our Wolverhampton Hair Salon, you can expect a hair stylist that listens to what you want your hair to look like! We take great pride in our work and love it when our clients leave with a beaming smile feeling like a new person! 

While you're with us, why not enjoy a herbal tea while you relax? 

Latest Blog posts

  • What Hair Colour Suits Me?

    Ok, So, everybody is dyeing their hair right now! Yes, Everybody! Even your great aunt Mildred! Bless her.. But, if you're thinking of joining this club you've probably been asking yourself "What Colour Should I Dye My Hair?" I've asked myself this many times, Only because I’m running out of colours to choose though of course! 

    So, These suggestions can obviously be taken with a pinch of salt! If our blog says that red is more your colour but you want blue then seriously, just go blue and rock that style! 

    Red, Purple and Blue Hair

    Start With The Blonde Bombshell! 

    Right then, we'll start off with the blonde bombshell! I'm sure that at some point in your lives you've wanted to go blonde and that's understandable! It's

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  • How To Stop Hair Colour Fade

    Surely everybody who has their hair coloured wants keep that colour looking the best it can in-between salon visits. So over the next few paragraphs I will be relaying my top tips to keeping your hair colour in tip top shape. So your tresses always look bright, shiny, rich and beautiful.

    So we’ve all been there when you have an amazing colour done at the salon that you fall in love with only to find that in about 3 weeks your colour has faded or has lost its glossy shine. So what can we do to keep our manes looking the best.

    1. So quite possibly one of the most important ways of preventing colour fade and also the easiest one for you to do. DON’T wash your hair within the first 48 hours of having your colour done.

       All of my clients that have colours on I will always recommend that they don’t wash their hair within 48 hours of the service. This is because colour molecules can still be active within the hair shaft for up to 48 hours post service. When a

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  • We're a vegan friendly salon in Wolverhampton!

    There are many reasons that people have made the choice to become vegan over the last year and we believe that all those reasons are good! Protecting animals from suffering, helping to save the planet, personal health... Whatever your reason, there are good intentions behind it. 

    We've noticed the increasing popularity with veganism and we've made the change to our products and become a vegan friendly salon in Wolverhampton. As far as we're aware we're the first salon in Wolverhampton to be advertising as vegan friendly. 

    We have a whole range of hair & skin care products in the store and on our website that are vegan friendly! We have some incredible brands such as Affinage, Maria Nila Kenra Professional and even some of your favorite Osmo products suh as Osmo No Yellow Super Silver Shampoo are vegan friendly!

    Let's answer some of your questions!

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