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We are a city center salon based in Wolverhampton offering a variety of services including Bridal Hair, Creative Hair Colouring, Alternative Hair Colouring, Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Treatments.
This is just to name a few! Revive Hair Artists is now entering its 8th year in business! We'd like to consider ourselves unique, We don't like to confirm to what the other salons are doing.
We enjoy our work, we enjoy meeting new people and we enjoy seeing you leave with a smile on your face knowing that you're leaving happy with your new hair. Don't worry though!
We're not just for the ladies! We're a unisex salon!

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Indola Hair Care Products | All You Need To Know

Indola Hair Care Products

Recently we've started to notice a lot more Indola hair products around which has caused us to give them a look and see what new products the've brought us, what products they've changed and what products they've discontinued. 

You may or may not have noticed Indola around many salons across the world but as always, you don't tend to see many products in hair salons as many of the products tend to be out of sight to keep the salon as tidy as possible although you may have noticed the Indola products on the counter for retail and styling the clients hair. 

Who Are Indola?

Indola are a German professional hair brand that things #SimplySmarter, As self described on their website. They're on a mission to empower the hair industry with great quality products and services at affordable prices. 

Indola was first founded in 1929 when they introduced the first european hood dryer! We've spent time trying to find

Amika Christmas Gift Sets

Amika Christmas Gift Sets

Every year we always look forward to the gift sets and this year is no exception to the rule! Especially when you consider it's out first year of selling Amika coming to an end! Unfortunately, we always have to wait until the end of the year until the brands reveal what the gift sets are actually going to be! 

We can safely tell you that we're not dissapointed with what they've given us! I Personally feel like they've taken the time to look at their sales patterns, look at what people together and understand what would give their customers good value for money! 

They've put together what i can only describe as some superb value for money gift packs that we hope they continue to sell well into the new year! With 2020 fast approaching on us we're going to be needing these gift sets to give our hair the love and attention its been lacking through december, Especially if you've been unable to get an appointment with your

Maria Nila | Why this is your new favourite vegan friendly hair care brand!

Let's talk about Maria Nila and why we know that this, is your new favourite vegan friendly hair care brand!

Maria Nila Colour Refresh

Maria Nila Colour Refresh

Some of you reading this will already have heard of or even used the brand Maria Nila before. If you've already been introduced and you've used them then you'll already know how incredible this brand is. If you've never heard of this brand before or you've been recommended their producs then we need to tell you that you're not going to be disapointed! Especially when we tell you that they're 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly! 

They have an incredible range hair products and they're constantly expanding their product range, constantly giving us everything we didn't know we needed! 

Today though, we're mainly going to be focussing on the Maria Nila Colour Refresh just because i really feel this

Osmo Hair Products

Ever since i've been working with the hairdressing industry the name "Osmo" has been around and almost every hair salon or barbers i walk past usually has at least some Osmo products in use, it's just one of those brands you cannot get away from, but with a product portfolio that is as good as theirs you really have no reason to. 

If you're only just noticing the brand Osmo now, it may be because they've recently launched some new products which are absolutely amazing and everybody has recently been raving about how good they are. Now in our Wolverhampton Hairdressers we do tend to stick to Affinage as that's just the brand we like, we know the products, we like the colours and they're vegan friendly. Now you may see that some of the Osmo hair products are vegan friendly also such as the Osmo Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo a shampoo that has since become one of my favorite

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