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We are a city center salon based in Wolverhampton offering a variety of services including Bridal Hair, Creative Hair Colouring, Alternative Hair Colouring, Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Treatments.
This is just to name a few! Revive Hair Artists is now entering its 8th year in business! We'd like to consider ourselves unique, We don't like to confirm to what the other salons are doing.
We enjoy our work, we enjoy meeting new people and we enjoy seeing you leave with a smile on your face knowing that you're leaving happy with your new hair. Don't worry though!
We're not just for the ladies! We're a unisex salon!
You may have already guessed this if you've taken a look around our website but we also stock a lot of haircare products for retail both in our Wolverhampton Hair Salon and for dispatch if you choose to order through our website.
We're always adding new brands and new ranges to our website, one of my personal favorite products has to be the Eclipse Hair Filler, This is a hair filler for men and a hair filler for women! The reason
I say that it's one of my personal favorites is because it's a product that i've personally used and fallen in love with! 
We now also stock Amika in our Wolverhampton Hair Salon! So you can be sure that we'll be bringing you much more from them! We've had great reviews on Amika Shampoo! Personally i have
tried the Amika Bust Your Brass Shampoo and i've only got good words for this shampoo! It also smells absolutely amazing!

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Purple Shampoo Turned My Hair Purple

If you've overdone it with the purple shampoo, You may find that the purple shampoo has turned your hair purple. So we've got some advice for you and how you can rectify it. 

What is sulfate-free shampoo and should I be using it?
What is sulfate-free shampoo and should I be using it?

We've noticed that the phrase "Sulphate-Free" is being thrown around a lot at the moment and with all things, People are asking well what is a sulphate free shampoo and should I be using one? Many people though may not know what sulphates are! I certainly didn't until I entered the world of hairdressing! 

So we're going to go through what sulphates are, what they do to your hair and why you should or shouldn't be using a sulphate-free shampoo.

Why Is Argan Oil So Expensive?
Why Is Argan Oil So Expensive?

Learn everything you could ever want to know about Argan Oil, Where it originates from, How it's made and why it's perhaps on the more pricey side of hair care products! 

You'll also come to see tha there are less expensive products on the Argan Oil market that do everythign you need and more for prices that won't break the bank! 

How To Remove Hair Dye From Your Skin

Top tips for hair dye removal from skin

So for all of you out there whoʼve dyed your hair; whether itʼs tidying up your hairline at the Salon or completely losing the tops of your ears after using a home kit (Donʼt worry, weʼve all been there!), at some point weʼve needed to remove hair dyes from our skin. Depending on how and what you use, this can be a quick wipe or stubborn scrub, here are a few facts, top tips, and products to save you from the latter.

If you’re new to hair dying or just curious about itʼs effects, you may want to know if hair dye is damaging to you. The short answer is no. As hair dye is meant to potentially be on your skin for the duration of the dying process it is designed to be harmless, however, some people do have reactions to certain chemicals such as Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is why it is always recommended to do a test patch with new products and dyes around 24 hours before. Donʼt worry, reactions to this are usually due to sensi

1920s Hairstyles - Taking you back to the "Roaring Twenties"
Right then! Let's learn about 1920s hairstyles! Whilst researching this topic I came to realize that it's actually quite a popular topic however when you consider the size of the internet, there really isn't much written about it at all! It was almost over 100 years ago I guess!

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