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Collection: Diva Professional Styling

Diva Professional Styling are passionate about creating innovative hair styling tools that allow professional hair stylists to do what they love and create their best works possible.

Diva Professional Styling have all the hot tools that a hair stylist could possibly need, Whether that be Diva Hair Straighteners, Diva Hairdryers, Diva Professional Hot Brushes, Or one of the incredible Diva Pro Accessories for your amazing new collection of hot tools! 

Diva Pro are a range that we have personally tried and tested in our Wolverhampton Hair Salon, We've been using them for over five years now. Sure, We've tried other brands in between but we've always gone back to our favourite brand Diva Professional. 

We've personally found that the Diva Pro Wide Plate Straighteners are absolutely the best for performing services such as the Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Straightening Treatment! The wide plates allow us to take a wider section of hair. The plates themselves are smooth and simply glide over the hair giving our clients a service that they just keep coming back for time and time again.