Skin Test & Strand Test Policy

Do I Need A Skin Test Before My Appointment?

Yes, Every customer who is having a colour service with us will require a skin test at least 48 hours before their appointment. Whilst not every salon follows this rule, We're very much insistent and strict with this policy. It is for your safety after all. 

If you have a colour service booked with us and you do not have your skin test at least 48 hours before your appointment, we will refuse to colour your hair and you may loose your deposit. 

What Is A Skin Test?

A skin test is where we simply place a small amount of hair dye and bleach on a part of your body, Usually behind your ears out of sight and away from where it may be rubbed off. We usually ask you to keep both on the skin for the manufacturers stated length of time. 

We tell our clients to keep the bleach and the colour on for 45 minutes each and then wash them off. It's important that you pay attention to those areas of the skin for the next 48 hours and let us know of any itching, irritation, inflammation or soreness that you may have experienced. 

Do I Need A Strand Test Before My Appointment?

It's not always necessary to have a strand test before your appointment, When we do your consultation we will ask you a series of questions such as what products you may already have in your hair, colours, henna, treatments such as perms or if you've had your hair bleached within the last x amount of time. This will determine whether or not we do a strand test. 

We may also do a strand test if you're hoping to go blonde but your hair is naturally of unnaturally black then we'd do a strand test to see how it would lift.

It's important to be realistic when asking for changes to your hair and doing a strand test helps us to determine if the service you're requesting will deliver the desired results. 

What Is A Strand Test?

A strand test is where we cut a bit of your hair off (usually from the back) before your colour / bleach service and then perform your requested service on that strand of hair to see what results are achieved. 

We don't take a massive amount of hair to perform this test but just enough to give us accurate results that we can discuss with you before your appointment. 

We may also perform a strand test for services such as perms to see how the hair will react to the solution if we have any concerns on the health of your hair. Your hair is important and we'd never want to cause damage!