Wedding & Bridal Hair

In Wolverhampton, You can find a funky, fashion driven hair salon called Revive Hair Artists. In our 7th year running we're eager to give you the best hair for what will be the greatest day of your life! 

We have a passion for creating beautiful and unique hairstyles truly tailored to what our clients want, We're not a production line! You are not the same as the person before you and everybody has their own unique style that we want to help you find.

We understand that preparing for a wedding can be one of the most daunting tasks out there and there are a few things we can do to take your mind off that. 

Pick your wedding theme

whether that be vintage style wedding, modern, classic and iconic, alternative or old-school bridal glamour. Once you have set the theme of your wedding we can start making suggestions for your hair if you feel you would like our input. 

Pre-plan your wedding hair style

Once you have decided on the look, we can go ahead and do a trial run of your your bridal hair / wedding hair is going to look, at this point we can decide if you wish to change the hair colour, whether or not you will want hair extensions in for the big day and what hair accessories you may or may not wish to use. 

Remember, whatever hairstyle you decide on needs to compliment the dress you have chose and the dress you have chosen also needs to compliment the hairstyle you have chosen.

The most important part of the trial run is that you can communicate your ultimate hair goals for your big day.

Do you do call outs to wedding venues? 

You'll be pleased to know that we are more than willing to travel to your chosen wedding venue and style yours and your bridesmaids hair for your what will be the wedding of the year!