Ok, So, everybody is dyeing their hair right now! Yes, Everybody! Even your great aunt Mildred! Bless her.. But, if you're thinking of joining this club you've probably been asking yourself "What Colour Should I Dye My Hair?" I've asked myself this many times, Only because I’m running out of colours to choose though of course! 

So, These suggestions can obviously be taken with a pinch of salt! If our blog says that red is more your colour but you want blue then seriously, just go blue and rock that style! 

Red, Purple and Blue Hair

Start With The Blonde Bombshell! 

Right then, we'll start off with the blonde bombshell! I'm sure that at some point in your lives you've wanted to go blonde and that's understandable! It's been said that blondes do have more fun so if you're a natural blonde... congratulations! If you're not naturally blonde though and you're wanting to live that fun filled life then don't worry! Going blonde isn't actually overly difficult providing that you haven't pre-coloured your hair with one of those horrible box dyes! You know the kind i mean, NO! I'm pretty sure Cheryl doesn't use a box dye in her bathroom at home. If you have darker hair as well this may become more of a challenge, again not impossible but be aware that if you do have darker hair going blonde is going to come with some maintenance and it won't happen over night. You may find that you have to book a few appointments and gradually lighten your hair as any good hairdresser will not risk damaging the hair for that nice yellow free blonde.

What Hair Colour Goes With My Eyes?

Many people have said that "The eyes are the window to the soul" I personally really do like eyes and think they are a feature of a persons face that should be complimented and framed by your hair so if you were to go by eye colour the ideal matches are:

Brown / Hazel / Green : A darker, more natural colour would go best with your eyes so we're talking about those deep brunettes or even a fairly dark blonde but if you're feeling incredibly brave then why not try black? I had black hair myself for years and loved it! Even now when i look back on old photos the first thing i say is "Wow, How big was my hair" I've never thought "Jeeze, i really hate that colour now".


So we're happy that you decided to take the plunge and go black but please remember "Once you go black it's hard to go back” That should literally be said in every salon. If you're having your hair coloured professionally this will not be as difficult but if you're using box dyes and you come to remove it, you may find it extremely difficult and it may leave orange / yellow / brassy tones in your hair that could be harder to cover. We always recommend having your hair coloured professionally as the colours a hair salon would use are much less harsh than a box dye. Please remember as well, we never recommend stripping your own colour or bleaching your hair at home unless you are trained in this, We've seen way to many hair bleach fails in our careers. 

Blue / Grey : Lighter hair colours would be best suited to eyes that are blue / grey. So we're talking those golden, ashy blonde tones or something that's really trending right now pastels. Pastel hair colours have become incredibly popular over the last couple of years but we know some people are put off by the lifespan of them and how fast they can fade away if they're not cared for properly. If this is something you're thinking of, you could always try a product such as Celeb Luxury Viral Colour Wash Shampoo - That was a mouthful.. They have an incredible choice of pastel colours as well as vivid ones. These are shampoo's you can apply in the shower at home and keep your new pastel colour topped up and fresh looking.

Green : Now if you've got green eyes, you've really got a good asset when it comes to matching your hair and eye colour. Green eyes can be complimented with one of my favourite hair colours of all, Red, Red hair and green eyes 

Let's Talk About Skin Colour

Fair / Pale Skin : If you've ever gone lighter you may notice that you can look a little washed out when you have naturally light skin, this is because ashy / blonde / white tones will wash your skin out making your skin look more pale. If you're wanting to add more colour to your face it's best to go for those honey blonde tones. Just as having whiter and lighter hair can make your skin look more pale, going too dark could also have the same effect

Medium Coloured Skin : Medium coloured skin look amazing with blondes and honey blondes, You could be a bit braver and go a little lighter into a lighter blonde but we would try to stick to golden blondes as much as possible as they would compliment medium toned skin very well.

Olive Coloured Skin: If you have olive coloured skin, first off I’d like to say how lucky you are. Your olive skin colour would look incredible with some caramel blonde shades or even a couple of shades lighter still! We're not talking super light though as it could make you look a little washed out.

Dark Skin : If you're somebody that has naturally dark skin then you may find that a lighter colour suits you such as those butter blondes, dark  butterscotch colours and even those gorgeous caramel blondes! This doesn't necessarily have to be the whole of your head. Understandably, if you've got darker skin then you've more than likely got naturally darker hair so going lighter is a big commitment. You may want to start off with having a few lighter foils ran through your hair to give you a feel of if you're going to like this new you. a half head of foils is always a great way to try this out. Then if you decide you like it, why not gradually add more foils until you've got the hair of your dreams. 

It's important to remember that when you have darker hair, going lighter can be a challenge and the upkeep is more, especially if you've decided on a blonde. You're really going to want to keep on top of your hair appointments and getting your roots done if you've gone for a full head of bleach. The great thing to know though it's much easier to go back darker again if you do decide that lighter hair is not for you.

Vibrant Hair Colours

So, if you've ever visited our Wolverhampton hair salon or if you even follow us on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram then you'll know that we LOVE doing vibrant hair colours. Just look at the picture at the top of the page. Now, of course we won't do everybody's hair like this as not everybody wants this style but the point we're trying to make is that experimenting with your hair colour is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. We will always recommend that you seek the advice of a professional hairdressers such as ourselves and do not start becoming adventurous and dying your hair at home and whilst all of those YouTube videos make it look incredibly easy, we can tell you it's not and we've had many people in our chairs that have tried these things at home and it doesn't always go the same way as those YouTube videos do.

Stay Safe! Love your hair!