Amika Vegan Friendly Products

Amika was founded by industry outsiders in 2007 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and is the antithesis of a typical beauty brand. Instead of purveying unattainable perfection, they believe in an idiosyncratic and totally individual version of beauty.

The result is a culture of inclusion and positivity, all while delivering puddles of fun and a sunny disposition from looking at their packaging. 

Going on the above, we really agree that their packaging shows us how special their brand and their products are! This is a company that pays attention to detail! Their products are like a good friend, Straightforward, dependable and fin to spend time with. Currently, they are obsessed with a super-fruit called Sea Buckthorn Berry so they've included it in every single one of their hair care and styling products! 

They are committed to delivering new technologies, new ingredients and new high-performing products, Even by replacing current ingredients in products when a better alternative has been found. 

All Amika products are Cruelty-Free, Free from Sulphates, MIT, MCI, Phthalates and artificial colours! Amika never has and never will conduct animal testing. When they create a product, they test it on themselves, their friends, and pretty much anybody else they can get their hands on, They test on people, NEVER Animals!