Brazilian Blow Dry | Keratin Straightening Treatment in Wolverhampton

What Is A Brazilian Blow Dry?

A Brazilian Blow Dry is a revolutionary process that is sure to change the way that you style and care for your hair forever! This really is something that has impressed us! The Brazilian Blow Dry is a chemical treatment on the hair which takes around 3 to 4 hours to complete depending on the length of the hair. This keratin treatment penetrates deep into the hair replenishing, reconditioning an protecting the hair from further damage which enhancing the overall look!

What Makes The Brazilian Blow Dry So Amazing?

Keratin is the main protein of the skin and the hair. The application and straightening process ensures that the keratin and moisture become sealed into the hair cuticles meaning that the second you walk out of the salon doors, you'll notice a huge difference! There are many advantages of this treatment such as having hair that looks salon straightened just from a blow dry!

How Long Does A Brazilian Blow Dry Last?

This treatment will last between two to four months depending on how you treat it such as how often you wash your hair, what products you use on your hair. We always recommend that our clients use a sulphate free shampoo such as Maria Nila Tue Soft Shampoo & Conditioner.

How Much Does A Brazilian Blow Dry Cost?

Our regular price for this service is £80 however there is a £20 surcharge on a Saturday due to the time this takes. View the video below for more information or  If you have any questions on this treatment, please feel free to call us on 01902 712182 of simply pop into the salon for a free consultation!

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