We Are A Vegan Friendly Salon

Vegan Friendly Salon in Wolverhampton

We've been a vegan friendly hair salon in Wolverhampton now for almost 10 years!

We Use Vegan-Friendly Hair Products

All of the products we use, with the exception of a handful are vegan-friendly.

The brand that we use for shampoo, hair colours, treatments & developers is ASP (Affinage Salon Professional) They have a strict policy called DNA which stands for Defend Nature Always.

ASP make every decision around DNA and are committed to making the world a more beautiful place.

ASP Never does not conduct or commision animal testing on any of their formulations, ingredients or finished products.

ASP complies with all E.U. Regulation with respect to the law on cosmetic products which prohibits animal testing.

Most ASP products more than 90% naturally derived ingredients.

All ASP products are paraben free. Parabens in the ASP range have been replaced with more advanced systems.

99% of packaging that ASO use is now produced in a recyclable material and they're working hard to make sure that all print materials used are purchased from sustainable sources.

This said, There are still unfortunately still a hand full of services that are not vegan-friendly such as the Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Straightening System. Keratin in most cases

  • Vegan Hair Colours

    Our hair colour range is completely vegan and is from ASP mentioned above. They have an entire hair colour range including all the fashion colours you could ever want for you lovers of alternative and bright hairstyles.

  • Vegan Shampoo & Conditioner

    All our Shampoo & Conditioner is vegan friendly. Again, We use the Shampoos & Conditioners from ASP (Affinage Salon Professional). Whilst we do have Blue shampoo & No Orange shampoo from ASP (Affinage Salon Professional) The brand we choose to use for that is Fanola, Who also have a vegan friendly formula.

  • Vegan Styling Products

    For most of our styling, We use ASP (Affinage Salon Professional). They have an entire styling range which suits almost every single styling need.

ASP (Affinage Salon Professional)