Weave Hair Extensions in Wolverhampton

What Is A Weave?

A weave is a type of hair extension that is usualy sewn into the hair ater it has been tightly plaited. 

As with all types of hair extensions there are many different pros and cons and it really is down to the wearer on what they want from their hair extensions and how the wearers natural hair is as it's not always advisable to have hair extensions if your natural hair is not particularly good to start with and we would never jepardise your natural hairs integrity.

If you have not seen weave hair extensions before you may be wondering how they're sewn into the hair... It's actually very simple! Time consuming but very simple. The hair itself is actually on a weft of fabric, it is the weft that is then sewn into plaits.

This is a particularly good type of hair extension to have if you are looking for something to also protect your hair whilst you're trying to grow your hair longer or trying to give your natural hair a rest for all that heat styling you've been doing without using heat protection spray... We know you people exist and we're onto you! 

Is A Weave Real Human Hair?

It can be... We would always advise that you have genuine human cuticle correct hair extensions as you can do a bit more with them such as use heat on them or put a bit of colour on them to better match your hair colour if you have a fashion colour such as purple. You will find that these can be rather costly but please remember they will last longer than synthetic hair extensions, last longer than synthetic hair extensions and overall they will look better! 

Please be very cautious when you're buying "Genuine Human Hair Extensions" We've seen so many problems with hair extensions being sold online, particularly on eBay where a full head of genuine human hair extensions are being sold as that when actually it couldn't be further from the truth. I can tell you now that you will not be sastisfied with the results, you will not have a full head, the hair will be very thin and very poor quality, it may also not be human hair as stated. We have seen many dropshippers selling hair from china and we've seen that thousands of them have been sold for a very low price. My advise is to stay away from these and go to a reputable business and pay that little bit extra as you will be getting value for money and a genuine product.

You can also buy synthetic hair on a weft but you will not be able to do as much with synthetic hair, youre limited into how you can style it etc...