Shampoo & Conditioner

Paul Mitchell know a thing or two about Shampoo & Conditioner! You've probably heard the name before, You may have even used some of their products before! They're taking England & the world by storm! 

If you haven't heard of them before, You'll be pleased to know that they're a cruelty free brand, They never have tested on animals and never will test on animals! We think that's a pretty good statement to be able to make and they're pretty proud of it! 

They have a shampoo & conditioner for almost every hair type! Some of their products are also intermixable as well! You can have fun creating your own personalised cocktail of shampoo that works just for you! 

In fact, We make it a point of trying to use products that we sell, Some of them get used in our Wolverhampton Hair Salon, Some of them we use at home and some of them get used whilst we're out and about. My personal favorite product from Paul Mitchell so far, Has to be the Tea Tree Special Shampoo! I've always got some of this in my overnight bag!