Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell is a brand that has a lot beneath the name to say the least! Whilst i was researching Paul Mitchel i realized that it was much more than just an incredible range of hair products. There are in fact real people behind this brand! They have a story and it's a story that has been getting written for almost 40 years now with no end in sight and while this story is being written, they'll continue to serve hairdressing professionals with industry leading hair care products and styling tools through their family of brands such as MITCH, Awaphuhi Wild Ginger, Tea Tree, Pro Tools, Neuro, Neon, MarulaOil and MVRCK. Truly, they were a much bigger brand than i had ever imagined before i started researching this incredible company! 

About Paul Mitchel

In 2020 Paul Mitchell celebrated their 40th anniversary and along side that they celebrated their three core values of the company, People, Product & Planet. 

Having hippy roots and love for animals and the planet, Paul Mitchel represent love, hapiness and healthy hair. Originally they started with just three products. These three products however were revolutionary ande since then they have developed entire ranges of cruelty free, eco-concious and environmentally friendly hair care & hair styling products. 

As they develop as a business and as people they're always looking for the next big thing and looking to adopt the most current and up to date green practices in the packaging and supply chain.

Is Paul Mitchell Cruelty Free?

Yes, Paul Mitchell are a cruelty free brand and back in the 1980's they actually became the first professional beauty company to announce that they don't conduct or endorse animal testing! That commitment has never changed and never will change! 

Paul Mitchell Cruelty Free