Maria Nila Hair simply sell some of the best hair conditioners that we've used to date! They really have a hair conditioner for everybhody, whether you have a sensetive scalp, dry hair or if your a lover of hair colour. There is a shampoo for every hair type out there and not to mention that they're vegan friendly, cruelty free and really care about their impact on the environment!

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Who Is Maria Nila?

Maria Nila was the great-great-grandmother of the companies founder of Maira Nila. Maria was a Sami Woman - The native population of Sweden. She lived close to nature and she was the perfect inspiration for the brand that has become such a huge success. 

Is Maria Nila Natural?

Maria Nila is a 100% vegan haircare range produced in Sweden. All of their products are 100% vegan and 100% cruelty-free! Their products are developed out of love and care for animals and the environment. 
Maria Nila uses safety and quality checks in their production chain to assure that products have the highest possible quality in every single bottle and by controlling the entire process from concept to product they are able to guarantee healthy working conditions for employees and high quality formulas.

Does Maria Nila Cover Grey?

No, Maria Nila Colour Refresh will not cover grey hair as it is a non-permanent colour and therefore will not cover greys, nor does it claim to cover greys. 

Which Country Are Maria Nila Hair Products Produced?

Maria Nila hair products are produced in Sweden in their environmentally friendly production facility.

Is Maria Nila Sulfate Free?

Yes, All Maria Nila hair products are Sulfate-Free!

Is Maria Nila Paraben-Free?

Yes, All Maria Nila hair products are paraben-free

Is Maria Nila Vegan?

Yes, Maria Nila is 100% vegan & cruelty-free!

Does Maria Nila Test On Animals?

No, Maria Nila never has and never will test on animals! They are also 100% vegan!

Can you put Maria Nila colour refresh on dry hair?

You could, however, you would probably find that the results may not be the best and the guidelines recommend applying to washed towel-dried hair for the best results so anything against those guidelines may not give the best results.