As with Shampoo, We'd always recommend using a salon professional hair conditioner! 

We know not many people actually use hair conditioners and some people even think it's a bit of a pointless product. If you're here though, you're clearly not one of those people, As a hairdresser, I thank you, and I'm sure your hair is thanking you as well! 

We have a great selection of salon professional hair conditioner available, most of which are dispatched within 48 hours on a 1st class service. 

You'll notice that a lot of the hair conditioner we sell is vegan friendly such as Affinage & Maria Nilla. Please note though, that not all of the brands we sell are vegan-friendly. 


What is a hair conditioner?

A hair conditioner is a hair care product that is used to improve the feel, appearance, and manageability of the hair. 
The main purpose of hair conditioner is to reduce the friction between the strands of hair to allow for smoothing brushing or combing which might otherwise cause damage to both the hair and the scalp. 

In 2020 we saw a huge increase in product sales such as hair conditioners with people trying to give their hair a well-deserved treat. 

There are many types of hair conditioner and they all contain different ingredients, Offer different things but what hair conditioner should you be using on your own hair? 

Sulfate-Free Hair Conditioner

We'd always recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo and hair conditioner regardless of any services you've had done but did you know, That sulfate-free shampoo and hair conditioner can actually give you longer from certain services? It's true! 

If you've had a service such as your hair being colored or you've treated yourself to a Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Straightening Treatment, Then you're really going to want to invest in sulfate-free hair products. 

Sulfates are actually quite harsh on the hair and will strip both the hair's natural oils and anything else on the hair, including that full head color you just paid for! 

Vegan-Friendly Hair Conditioner

you'll notice that many of the brands of hair conditioner we sell are actually vegan-friendly such as Affinage, Diksonatura & Maria Nila. Many of the Paul Mitchell products are also vegan friendly.