What Is Hairspray?

Hairspray has been one of the most popular ways that people have styled their hair for decades! There have been many attempts by many companies over the years to knock hairspray off that number one position but so far nobody has achieved that. 

There are many brands out there selling different types of hairspray and there are many out there that are incredible, There are also some that aren't.

The idea of hairspray is that it prevents flyaways, creates volume, and holds your hair in place all day. 

Is Hairspray Vegan? 

We're not sure about all of the brands of course but we do know that some of the brands we stock, do include vegan-friendly hairsprays. One brand for example is Maria Nila. They have an incredible range of hair styling products that does include hairspray, One of which i use myself. My own personal rating for the Maria Nila Hairspray would be 10 stars! It gives an absolutely incredible all-day hold, Brushes/Washes away easily enough without making my hair feel horrible. Plus it smells like strawberry! 

Never before have i had a hairspray that smells so good!