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Heat Protection Spray For Hair

So we really can't stress enough that we don't feel you're taking thermal protection for your hair seriously enough! 
I know we've already told you not to use the hair straighteners every, single, day, Don't argue with us! You have no good basis for your argument here. 

We are really going to stress though, that if you must use heat on your hair, particularly if you're using heat frequently on your hair, then we really would recommend that you use a good thermal protection spray. There are plenty of incredible heat protection sprays for your hair on the market these days and there really is one suitable for everybody. 

Why should I use a thermal protection spray on my hair?

Well firstly, There are many reasons to use heat defence on your hair, the main reason should be pretty self-explanatory, it's heat defence! It adds a protective layer to your hair which helps keep it safe from the hot styling tools your about to use such as your hair dryer, hair straighteners, hair crimpers, hair curling wands and any other hot tool you can think of. 

The idea of creating this protective layer over your hair is to lock in the moisture and smoothen the cuticle (the outer layer of hair)

Is There a Vegan Heat Protection Spray?

Yes, We actually have a great selection of vegan thermal protection sprays! One of our favorite brands is actually Affinage, They offer the Affinage Mode Heat Shield Spray which is absolutely incredible!