What Are Remy Hair Extensions?

Remy hair extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions in the world! Since hair extensions first came out, they have literally exploded in popularity! This popularity has also brought about many other types of hair extensions and many different variations of having the hair extensions fitted. Because of all of these different variations in hair extensions, it is important to look out for certain signs that you may not actually be getting what you're paying for. Hair extensions could mean anything now! they could be synthetic, it could be poor quality hair where the cuticles are all gong different ways. If the cuticles are going different ways in the hair you may find that it is quite frizzy or can feel quite rough. Some of the cheaper hair may also be over processed which doesn't give it a very long lifespan at all!

Remy Hair

What does Remy Hair mean? Remy is simply the definition for human hair with the cuticles in tact from virgin hair that has not been chemically treated. Remy Hair has always had a good name to it and has always been the "Hair To Have" hair that you may be buying today though, even though it does state Remy it could actually be chemically treated & you can get Remy hair with the cuticle removed which does make the hair much easier to care for and look after.

The Myths of Remy Hair

With any hair service that you have done, there will always be myths around it and with Remy Hair we would like to clear up some of those myths for you!

  • Remy Hair Costs Thousands! Since Remy Hair came out it has come down allot in price and you no longer have to pay thousands for top quality Remy Hair.
  • All Remy Hair Comes From India You may have read on forums that most Remy Hair comes from India, This is simply not true. Although you can get Remy Hair from India you can also source it from all over the world! The hair that we choose to use is sourced from Russia as we find this hair to of an excellent quality.

Synthetic Hair Vs Remy Hair

After looking at the prices on the internet for hair extensions you may find a huge price difference in synthetic hair and Remy Hair, this is simply because they are two completely different types of hair extension. Synthetic Hair Extensions are just that.... They are synthetic. They are made from plastic, they are not as easy to maintain and although its synthetic you may think that it is longer lasting, This is simply not true. It is harder to style and it usually does look synthetic as well due to the shine that it has and the texture of it. Remy Hair however can be sourced from all over the world and if you buy it from a genuine retailer such as ourselves you will be getting 100% Human Hair. You will find that Remy Hair is much smoother, silkier and more luxurious than the lower quality hair. If looked after in the correct manner then you can get between 3 to 6 months use out of your extensions. Hairdresser Wolverhampton, Remy Hair Extensions. We've got it covered! If you are still unsure whether hair extensions are right for you, please feel free to pop in and visit us for a free consultation or give us a call with any of your questions on: 01902 712 182.