At Revive Hair Artists, we're trained to fit a variety of different hair extensions. Micro Bond Hair extensions being the most asked for though! We've been running now for over 5 years and have had huge success with hair extensions.

What Are Micro Bond Hair Extensions?

Micro bonds are hair extensions that are used to improve the overall look of your hair by adding both length and volume. The extensions will then be blended and styled. Some people choose to have these extensions just for more volume and not the length, just as equally, some people do it just for the length. The extensions themselves are several strands of hair attached to a bond which are then attached to your own hair, this till allows your hair to grow freely, move freely and move more naturally unlike some other types of hair extensions! Most of the time though this is just down to personal preference. Micro Bond hair extensions can be worn pretty much any way! including hair ups! (providing they have not grown out too much..... we're talking like 4-6 months worth of growth here!)

Are Micro Bonds Hard To Look After?

Looking after your hair extensions isn't that hard! You just need to remember a few important things!

  • Ensure that you always book your maintenance sessions! You can do this before you leave the salon!
  • If you're going swimming, we always recommend that you wet your hair in the showers before entering the pool! This will help prevent the chlorine from drying the extensions out as much as they will already be saturated.
  • Always use a brush specifically for hair extensions! You don't want to be ragging a brush through your hair pulling your extensions out! We recommend the Tangle Teezer which we do have available to buy on our website and in store.
  • Before going to bed put your hair up in a loose pony tail, this will stop the extensions from becoming tangled and matted.

These are just a few tips we have for you! We have plenty more on our "How to look after my hair extensions" page