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Finding a hairdresser in Wolverhampton that does great hair extensions isn't hard! You've just found us! We take great pride in our work and have had great feedback from our clients that have simply loved the results they've got.

What Types Of Hair Extensions Do We Offer?

We offer five different types of hair extensions and the choice really is down to personal preference but there are ones that we would advise over others under certain circumstances. If you had relatively short hair, we wouldn't want to recommend a weave as the hair has to be plaited. The types of hair extension that we offer are as bellow.

  • Weave Extensions
  • Fusion Bond Extensions
  • Micro Link Extensions
  • Easy Shrink Extensions
  • Tape Extensions


Are Hair Extensions Right For Me?

When you come for your consultation, we'll be sure to answer any questions that you may have such as "How do i look after my hair extensions"  or "What type of hair extensions should i get?" We've had many happy clients and we're sure to have many more happy clients come through our doors! Just check our our customer reviewsto see what they say about us!

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

The price of your extensions really will vary depending on what you would like done, Some people only come in to have half a head of extensions fitted, some people have a full head. We also offer services such as custom coloured extensions as we know how hard it is to get extensions in the colour thats just right for you! Especially if you have a something a little different! Before you decide to go ahead with anything, we will be sure to inform you exactly how much the service will be! Please feel free to contact us for any questions on 01902 712182