Framar SureGrip Hair Colour Tint Bowl (Black)

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Framar SureGrip Colour Tint Bowl (Black)
  • No More Spills
  • No More Mess
  • No More Wasted Colour!
  • Rubberised Handle For Easy Grip
  • Suction Cup Base

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The Framar SureGrip Tint Bowl is one of the essentials every salon should have! Or even a few if i'm honest! 

Part owning a salon myself i've seen my share of tint bowls get knocked over and it's honestly super annoying that you've just wasted the colour that you're yet to apply to your clients hair but it's also even more annoying that you then have to go out of your way to clean the tint off of the side, the floor and anything else that it may have splashed up. 

The Framar SureGrip Tint Bowl though has been made to make colour applications that much easier! It has a suction base that keeps it from tipping! It's so simply but so handy! It will grip to almost any flat non-textured surface. 

It's also easy to remove, Simply pull up to release the SureGrip base and you'll be ready for your next client! 

It also has a rubberised handle for easy grip for the moments when you do need to hold it! 

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