Eclipse Hair Filler 14g - for Thicker Hair, Men and Women

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  • Eclipse Hair Filler
  • Combats thinning areas and receding hair lines
  • Achieves thicker and fuller hair in less than 30 seconds
  • Easy to apply
  • Gives a natural-looking thickness and fullness

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Eclipse Hair Filler - Hair Thinning Solution

Eclipse Hair Filler is a product that i hold very close to my heart indeed! I would probably say it comes close to being one of those products i would have "if i were trapped on a dessert island" but.... there would be nobody there to see my nice full head of hair! 

So what does this product do exactly? 

The Eclipse Hair Filler helps you to combat the thinning areas of hair and receding hair lines. The hair fibers are easy to apply and stay securely in place with the Eclipse Fiber Locking Spray. It doesn't come off during rain or perspiration so you can wear it all day long! The only time that it will come off is when you're shampooing your hair at the end of the day. 

The filler really blends into your own hair extremely well, providing you have picked the correct colour hair fibers. They're totally undetectable even when you're looking from as close as 5cm. 

Now as i said, for me, i hold this product very close to my heart, particularly being as there is a security camera right above my desk that allows me to look at my thinning crown every single day of my work life, how i wish they would move this camera! 

While the hair filler is in though, it just looks as though i have a full head of hair, i wear ith with my hair styled or even if i have just blow dryed it ready to go out somewhere quickly. It takes a matter of moments to apply, probably about 30 seconds? If that! The Eclipse Fiber Locking spray also dries very quickly, about 5 seconds as well. 

Do i need the fiber locking spray? 

To be honest, we would recommend using it, whilst some people seem to get away with using a good gell spray or hair spray, it's just not quite the same. I have used a good hair spray with it myself and its worked fine but you can find that it doesn't stay quite as well or it can cause the fibers to clump together. I've personally only ever had to buy myself one bottle of the Eclipse Fiber Locking spray as a little goes a long way!

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More Information
Suitable ForHair
Product LineEclipse Hair Filler
Styling EffectConceal Thin Hair
Hair TypeThinning Hair
Product GroupHair Building Fibers
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