Why Is Argan Oil So Expensive?

Why is Argan Oil so expensive?

Argan Oil is quickly becoming seen in more and more products, Particularly in higher-end products such as high-end hair care products and high-end skincare products but why has it become so popular, Why is it so expensive and why has it all of a sudden become so popular?

Where Does Argan Oil Come From?

Argan Oil originates from Morocco and it’s made from the seed of the Argan Tree, which in all honesty, doesn’t really look much different from any other tree you’d find.

The Argan Seeds have been used for centuries for a few different things, One of which is in food!

The Argan Seeds are only picked when they have fully matured, this is usually when they have fallen off the tree to the ground and turned a light brown colour.

After they’re picked, they’re then left to dry when they’re then peeled and cracked to get to the seed inside. To create just 1 litre of Argan Oil, you need to collect around 20kg of the nuts! That’s an insane amount of nuts for just 1 litre! That within itself should be an indication of expense!

After the nuts have been collected, they are then ground, Usually by hand although expect more industrial methods for mass production, Regardless of the grinding automation, it still takes time to prepare and collect.

When Did Argan Oil Become Used In Mass Production?

Argan Oil started to become popular in the 1980s where they originally thought there were beneficial properties to Argan Oil but currently no scientific proof to back this up. Before this, The Argan Tree was actually in decline, so the popularity of Argan Oil boom started to see the increase of more Argan Trees.

Is All Argan Oil The Same?

No, not all Argan Oil is the same! Some consumer products may say that they contain a certain percentage of Argan Oil, Or that the argan oil used in their products is pure but this isn’t always true, There are now more modern ways of extracting Argan Oil from the Argan Tree which is mostly automated, Companies using these methods however are not really fair trade. There are some larger companies out there that are only committed to using fair trade Argan Oil such as L’Oréal!

With the incredible popularity of Argan Oil only increasing, we are pleased to see that some of the bigger companies are sticking to their morals and supporting these growing industries and supporting the fair trade of products/ingredients.

It is expected that the popularity of Argan Oil is only going to increase so you’ll be seeing more and more beauty products containing Argan Oil.

What Is The Best Argan Oil?

Really, to an extent, the best Argan Oil comes down to personal preference, What one person may like another may not. This could be down to the concentration of Argan Oil in the products or different hair types or in personal experience, just the way that some people are using the product, Some people do tend to go a little over the top when applying any hair product because “Their hair is super dry” or “Their hair is damaged”, Over time you’ll find the right level of product to use in your hair because honestly, With the price of Argan Oil, You really don’t want to be wasting it.

One of our personal favourite Argan Oil products right now is the Affinage Kitoko Oil Treatment! This is not just an Argan Oil but is in fact a Karite & Argan Oil combination treatment. You’ll always find this in the salon as it’s simply a stunning product that will leave your hair repaired, revitalised and stronger.

There are of course many other brands of Argan Oil, Some of which we sell, One of the most popular ones you may have heard of is Moroccan oil! This has been a popular brand in hair salons for many years!

Another personal favourite of ours is Maria Nila True Soft Argan Oil! They’re a 100% vegan-friendly company and have a lot of morals, Their products are ethically sourced, They’re cruelty-free and honestly, They’re pretty damned amazing in all fairness.