We're a vegan friendly salon in Wolverhampton!

There are many reasons that people have made the choice to become vegan over the last year and we believe that all those reasons are good! Protecting animals from suffering, helping to save the planet, personal health... Whatever your reason, there are good intentions behind it. 

We've noticed the increasing popularity with veganism and we've made the change to our products and become a vegan-friendly salon in Wolverhampton. As far as we're aware we're the first salon in Wolverhampton to be advertising as vegan friendly. 

We have a whole range of hair & skincare products in the store and on our website that are vegan friendly! We have some incredible brands such as Affinage, Maria Nilla, and even some of your favorite Osmo products such as Osmo No Yellow Super Silver Shampoo are vegan friendly!

Let's answer some of your questions!

What Makes A Hair Colour Vegan Friendly? 

Now, The particular range of hair dye that we use is from Affinage, and besides giving incredible results when colouring hair, they are also vegan friendly and obviously cruelty-free! But did you know, that it's actually not just about what ingredients are in the products and how they are tested that make them vegan friendly? Well... this is something that we also found out when we were up to our eyeballs in research. A true vegan-friendly company will not sell to certain countries as believe it or not in some countries, in order for the product to be allowed to be distributed and sold it has to have been tested on an animal! We were just as shocked at this as we can imagine you would be! One of these countries is China, whilst there are ways in China for a product to be imported and sold in China without actually having to perform animal testing, these are very expensive and very uncommon. So because of this ridiculous law, you will not find companies like Affinage selling products in China you may though find that an individual may be importing them for personal use, this would not lead to animal testing. 

What Vegan-Friendly Shampoo & Conditioner Do You Use?

This may or may not surprise you but the shampoo & conditioner that we use are also from Affinage! Specifically which shampoo and conditioner we use on you from Affinage will vary as we like to switch it up from time to time, we may use the colour care shampoo & conditioner but then we may be using a Kitoko shampoo or conditioner. Kitoko is a brand of Affinage. 

Do You Sell Vegan-Friendly Hair Products In Your Salon?

We do stock vegan-friendly hair products in our salon! Due to us being restricted for space in the salon we only have a limited range of retail products within our Wolverhampton salon but you can find whole ranges of products in the salon that are all available for delivery or collection within our Wolverhampton hairdressers.

You will also find a great range of vegan-friendly beauty products as well such as face masks, moisturizers, makeup, etc... If you are unsure about a product, please feel free to call us and ask or check the item specifics under the product image. the majority of the time it will state whether or not the product is vegan friendly.