Ok, So i've ben wanting to write this article for a few weeks. 

If your already one of our wonderful customers you may know that we sell alot through the internet, this includes our website, facebook store, email orders and of course my most hated medium, eBay! 

You may want to know why it is that i dislike eBay so much and still continue to sell through it? Well the main reason is fake products! Due to eBays nature, people will go through listings see their favourite vegan friendly shampoo or latest set of OPI nail varnish colours listed for 50% cheaper than anywhere else online and think that they've grabbed themselves a bargain! Yes, ok sometimes this may very well be the case, were not denying that but alot of the time your most likely buying a FAKE product! 

Before I was involved in the hair and beauty industry i used to have grey hair, and I loved it! If you've ever had grey hair you'll know what it's a hard colour to keep and the better silver using shampoos tend to be a bit more on the expensive side, so like many other people, i turned to eBay to buy my favourite Fudge blue shampoo. 

When my favourite shampoo had arrived i thought nothing of it, it looked fine, nothing would have made me think that this product was a faker when it first arrived. The day after, i opened my shampoo, poured it onto my hand and then spread it evenly over my hair, left it on for five minutes as i usually did and then washed it off. Once i had washed it off,i noticed that the product hadn't really actually done anything to my hair at all. I then looked at my hands thinking well, "Usually when i use this product, it stains my skin blue" I did actually end up using the entire bottle to have almost no change in the colour of my hair at all. Now many people may be thinking "Are you sure that's not because you became obsessed with the grey?" Perhaps a little, once i ordered a replacement bottle from a reputable retailer however, the story was very different, immediately after using, it had stained my hands, slightly grabbed on my hair and fulfilled its purpose in life. 

Thinking back, i can't remember exactly how much i bought the fake product for but i probably only ended up saving something like £4 which in the grand scheme of it is really only what you pay for a cup of coffee now....

Avoiding Chinese Hair & Beauty Fakes

So, For many years, i have worked in E-Commerce and sold varying products from castors and wheels all the way through to high end racewear it just so happens that i now have my own E-Commerce baby to look after which is in the hair and beauty industry. One of the things that i noticed in all of these industries is that the Chinese tat will always make its way into peoples homes.

Fake Nail Laquer

My first example of fake beauty products is going to have to be OPI Nail Laquer! I have seen so much OPI for sale on Ebay all listed at ridiculous low prices that even wholesale prices cannot cut close to. These listings have had THOUSANDS of sales which means that there are probably THOUSANDS of people out there walking around with fake OPI nail laquer on their fingernails. You might be asking why that's even an issue? If it looks the same then why not go with it? It's not that it looks the same, it comes down to what chemicals they have actually used to make the nail laquer. In most cases, these fakes come over from China, where regulations pretty much don't exist, and even if they did, they're manufacuting fake products so why on earth are they going to comply to any regulations is beyond me. At the end of the day, they just want your money and they don't care how they get it. 

Say you have bought your favourite OPI Nail Laquer off Ebay, Amazon or a website even and the packaging looks to be identical, the colour is spot on, it even smells the same! Do you actually know what's in there? For all you know, it could contain lead! And knowing that some people are nail biters really isn't a good thing when you're buying fake nail laquer. 

We're not saying that you can't get a bargain offline because you can, i've bought bargains myself in stores, on websites, via eBay but what we're saying is you cannot go on eBay, buy 100 bottles of nail lacquer at 90% below the average selling price and expect it to be real and give you the same results as well! 

Fake Hair Straighteners

Now as well all know, there is one particular brand of hair straightener that everybody seems to lust after even though there are much better brands of hair straightener out there that are also much more inexpensive. I am ofcourse talking about GHD hair straighteners. So, Literally any market you're going to find fake GHD hair straighteners, we've all seen them, some of you may have even bought them, If you have i am literally telling you to take the loss and throw them in your bin right now! Is your life worth that £29.99 you paid for them at the market? NO of course it isn't! 

Many people have more than likely seen the damage that hair straighteners have caused to peoples homes over the years, if you quickly search google there are numerous news reports on house fires that have been caused by hair straighteners from the last 15 / 20 years. Thankfully, out of the bad news, some god news has come, hair straighteners have actually got much more advanced compared to what they were, they have temperature controls, auto shut off features and unless your GHD, the manufacturing quality has gotten alot better too. 

However, if you've been online or to your local market or even bumped into Gary down the pub and bought a pair of GHD hair straighteners for Chrismtas for somebody or for yourself, you may not have realised their most likely fake... We don't want to rain on your parade but your probably going to hope it's raning when they set your house on fire, it's happened multiple times, we've all seen cheap chinese smartphone chargers setting peoples houses on fire or cheap chinese batteries exploding! These fake hair straighteners can dp exactly the same thing. With poor manufacting quality, no safety features, inferior materials you're literally playing with your life every time you use them. Fake hair straighteners have been known to have poor insulation which can lead to electricution, Hot plates have been known to fall out and burn people! and with the lack of features such as the auto shut off, if you forget to turn them off and leave for work, you're probably not going to have a house to come back too.... Modern straighters after around 60 minutes will shut themselves off to prevent fire and save energy these cheap chinese knock offs will not have that feature. 

If you have bought some fakes, i am literally telling you now to THROW THEM IN THE BIN! Is you're like worth £29.99? Really? No, its not! You can read mroe about fake hair straighteners on northumberland news.

If you are however after a legitimate pair of GHD Hair straighteners, we do sell them on our website here.

Recap On Dangerous Ingredients

So, we're just going to circle back here about dangerous and toxic ingredients that can be found in fake hair & beauty products as i feel that it should be covered a bit more in depth.

So what "Dangerous" chemicals have been found in counterfeit hair & beauty products, well, we're glad you asked! Some fake cosmetics have been found to contain chemicals such as Mercury. Now if you don't know, Mercury is a type of metal which can cause Mercury Poisoning when absorbed into the body, the symptoms of Mercury Poisoning will entirely depend on the level of exposure that you have to it, the type of exposure, the level of exposure and of course the duration of the exposure. Symptoms may include muscle weakness, poor coordination, numbess in the hands and the feet, skin rashes, anxiety, memory problems, trrouble speaking, trouble hearing or trouble seeing. The lethal dose will of course have a few determining factors such as your weight, height etc but the letahl dose can range from 20 to 60mg per kg of body weight. Now, you're probably looking at that thinking that it's a pretty huge leap there but take a moment to consider how many children actually wear makeup these days, walking down the road i've probably seen 10 year old girls walking around with a face full of makeup! I can certainly remember during school almost every single girl there would have a complete cake mix of makeup plastered all of their faces with that awful orange line under their chins. 

So, taking into account the number of young people wearing makeup, you can then start to see how easy it actually is to cause lasting damage from fake cosmetics.