Maria Nila Colour Refresh

Some of you reading this will already have heard of or even used the brand Maria Nila before. If you've already been introduced and you've used them then you'll already know how incredible this brand is. If you've never heard of this brand before or you've been recommended their producs then we need to tell you that you're not going to be disapointed! Especially when we tell you that they're 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly! 

They have an incredible range hair products and they're constantly expanding their product range, constantly giving us everything we didn't know we needed! 

Today though, we're mainly going to be focussing on the Maria Nila Colour Refresh just because i really feel this semi permanent hair colour doesn't get the love and attention that i personally feel it really deserves. 

What Is Maria Nila Colour Refresh?

To put it simply, the colour refresh is a semi-permanent hair colour. It will only take on pre-treated hair such as hair that is already coloured or hair that has been bleached. if you're anything like me and you do have bleached hair, you're going to find it very difficult not to colour your hair with a different Maria Nila Colour Refresh every single week! The struggle is real. The beauty of Colour Refresh is that it's not actually damaging to the hair! In fact, quite the opposite. This product contains a unique blend of ingredients that conditions the hair while depositing pigment deep into the hair to give you a salon coloured look within as little as 3 minutes! Yes, 3 minutes! 

How To Use Maria Nila Colour Refresh

This really is one of the easiest products to use. You simply wash your hair as normal but do not condition. Apply the Maria Nila Colour Refresh evenly to your hair and then leave it on for 3-10 minutes. Take that time to contemplate what colour you might possibly go next then rinse off with water, do not shampoo off. 

How simple is that! 

Maria Nila Colour Refresh Colours

So as with any range of hair colours there is only a limited selection but i feel that they've put consideration into the colours that they offer.