Joico Colour Intensity | Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Why We're In Love With Joico Colour Intensity

We first started to sell Joico Colour Intensity at the beginning of 2020, We'd started stocking Joico the previous year but the Colour Intensity range was really the product that kickstarted it for us all! 

When we initially started to stock it, we had no idea that we were about to enter a pandemic that would see all UK hair salons closed for what seemed like an eternity. Naturally, people still had to have their hair coloured! I personally managed to refrain from colouring my hair at home but the cost of this was a lot of grey hair that surprised even me! 

Anyway, The first month of lockdown would see us almost entirely sold out of Joico Colour Intensity! This is obviously a great thing for sales but it also made me realise how popular Joico actually was! The reviews we were getting were absolutely great! We do personally try and test most of the hair products that we sell as we like to have faith in our products and we like to be able to give a personal experience that we have had with these products and brands. Unfortunately, Lockdown meant our salon was closed also so we couldn't actually give them a go (There are some ready and waiting though) 

Whilst looking at Joico, I came to realise that they're actually a rather large company! I had always just assumed that they were a medium-sized business, I wrongly assumed. They have offices all over the globe so we're expecting to see a lot more of them over the next few years! Especially here in England! Whilst Joico are not a vegan brand, They are a cruelty-free brand and will only ever test on people! 

Who's Using Joico Colour Intensity?

When we were learning about the Joico Colour Intensity range we found pictures of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Cara Delevigne!

Lady Gaga Joico Colour IntensityLady Gaga really shook things up with this incredible Joico colour! 

She Literally Stole The Show

So Shallow won Best Song. But Lady Gaga won Best Hair in the morning-after press wave, everyone hailing the star’s beautiful blue appearance as a “modern-day Cinderella.”

The hair vision was 16th-century European aristocracy

The hairstyle itself took its cue from the history books, explains Frederic, “The sophistication of the women of that era who wore clothes of extreme elegance and regalia was our inspiration.”

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The colour though I have to say I love the most so far... Is the one that Katy Perry is rocking so well!

Katy Perry JoicoThis is Joico's Colour Butter Purple! Just look at it! I have never seen a purple that has so much depth to it before! It's creamy, decadent and bold! This could very well be the next colour I try! 

One of the many troubles I've found being Blonde and having a whole rack of Joico Colour Intensity readily available is that I can literally colour my hair at any second and every single colour is there ready, Writing blogs like this really makes it hard for me not to just walk over, grab a colour and go nuts because honestly! All of the colours are so unique! 


Joico Colour Intensity