Is Affinage Vegan Friendly?

Is Affinage Vegan Friendly?

Is Affinage Vegan Friendly?

Yes! They are vegan friendly, The the exception of the Kitoko Protein Additive which contains Keratin. Keratin is produced from humanely extracted wool residue which is the ONLY animal-derived ingredient used by ASP. We literally didn't want to write 1000 words on why Affinage is vegan friendly, just to get to the bottom to tell you yes. Whilst this blog post may actually be longer than that I feel it's important to get the answer that you actually came for quickly. 

Is ASP Vegan?

Yes, Affinage have rebranded and are now known as ASP, So with the exception of the Protein Additive, All ASP hair products are vegan-friendly.

Is Affinage PPD Free?

Yes, Affinage, Affinage hair colour is PPD free! 

We're A Vegan-Friendly Salon in Wolverhampton

So, we've noticed the trend over the last few years of Veganism becoming very popular, Understandably we wanted to maintain our high level of service whilst using excellent products and having the vegan-friendly products behind us so we may call ourselves a vegan-friendly salon. Whilst we actually stock a few vegan-friendly brands now such as Maria Nila, Affinage has become our main vegan-friendly brand of hair products that we can see ourselves sticking with for many years to come yet! Especially if they keep bringing us excellent new products to try.

Vegan-Friendly Styling Products

So, Affinage has a range of vegan-friendly hair styling products called Kitoko. Even the packaging that these styling products come in looks sleek and sexy. They have a product to cover literally every look that you may want to achieve with your hair. They even have a range of vegan-friendly semi-permanent hair colours called Hotshotz AND THEY'RE SO COOL! If you're somebody that loves bright vibrant colours on your hair you'll more than likely be super annoyed when they start to fade, Upkeep on fashion colours can be hard but you can literally just put Hotshotz semi-permanent hair colour on top of your pre-treated hair and top your colour up. Or if your colour is already light enough, change it to something else such as their stunning copper colour which is one of my personal favourites. 

These are just some of the Affinage products that we sell, Don't you just think that they look superb? 

Vegan-Friendly Hair Colours in Wolverhampton

So as you've seen some of the styling products we use and sell in the salon, you may want to take a look at the permanent hair colours we use as well so we thought we'd tell you a little bit about those because they're also excellent! 

The range of vegan-friendly hair colours we use are also from Affinage. More than 90% of the ingredients in our permanent hair colours are derived from natural ingredients. They also have ultra-low ammonia and 100% grey coverage!