Surely everybody who has their hair coloured wants keep that colour looking the best it can in-between salon visits. So over the next few paragraphs I will be relaying my top tips to keeping your hair colour in tip top shape. So your tresses always look bright, shiny, rich and beautiful.

So we’ve all been there when you have an amazing colour done at the salon that you fall in love with only to find that in about 3 weeks your colour has faded or has lost its glossy shine. So what can we do to keep our manes looking the best.

  1. So quite possibly one of the most important ways of preventing colour fade and also the easiest one for you to do. DON’T wash your hair within the first 48 hours of having your colour done.

   All of my clients that have colours on I will always recommend that they don’t wash their hair within 48 hours of the service. This is because colour molecules can still be active within the hair shaft for up to 48 hours post service. When a permanent hair colour is applied to your hair the colour molecules are small this allows the colour molecules to enter your hair shaft through the cuticles. Once the colour molecules are inside the hair shaft they begin to swell, eventually getting large enough to get trapped within the hair shaft. This is how a permanent hair colour works. However sometimes not all the colour molecules will work at the same speed and some may take longer to enlarge. This is where the 48 hour hair wash rule comes into play. Washing your hair within the first 48 hours can cause up to 50% hair colour fade, and when you’ve just paid for your lovely rich and glossy colour you don’t want to ruin it straight away.

   Sometimes I will get a client that has a horrified look on their face at the possibility of not being able to wash their hair for 48 hours. It’s never recommended to wash your hair more than 3 times a week as washing your hair is a damaging in itself by stripping the natural oils from your hair and scalp. So I always recommend to this type of client that if their hair feels greasy within the first 48 hours to use a dry shampoo. Recommended dry shampoo to use would be,  Osmo day two styler dry shampoo,  Maria Nila style and finish dry shampoo and Affinage Revive me dry shampoo all of these brands will help your hair feel refreshed and grease free.


  1. Tip two shampoo and conditioner, with an abundance of shampoo and conditioners out there its easy to get lost as to which is best to use. However in the case of colour fade its pretty self explanatory that your going to need a colour care shampoo and conditioner. Colour care shampoo is a much gentler cleanser than ordinary shampoo and many colour care shampoos will also contain such things as, UV filters to help protect from colour fade associated with the sun, vitamins many colour care shampoo may contain vitamins such as vitamin E to help protect and nourish the hair from within, Oil such as Argan and Linseed are also often added to this type of shampoo to help to nourish and promote shine and radiance. The conditioners that are the counterparts to these shampoos are usually made up of the same key ingredients but with the added moisturising effects of the conditioner to help your hair be tangle and static free.

    So now,  you may have heard of sulphate free shampoo and conditioner these are the holy grail of shampoo and conditioner. For years shampoo and conditioner has contained sulphates,  silicones and parabens. All these would eventually build up on your hair from prolonged use and clog the cuticles, causing damage and creating a dulling effect on your hair. Lucky for all of us sulphate free shampoo and conditioner has been getting more and more popular for the last few years now. Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner wont create nasty build up on your hair leaving your hair free of build up and achieving the most clean and clear result for your hair. Sulphate free shampoo has a tendency to not lather as much as ordinary shampoo. Try not to let this put you off its still cleaning your hair, we just need to re-train our brains into thinking that our hair is only clean if it lathers. This is not the case. Many of the professional brands now do sulphate free shampoo such as Osmo, Kitoko, Affinage, Argan Secret and one brand Maria Nila as gone as far to create a sulphate free, paraben free, contain a colour guard complex and also be cruelty free and vegan friendly now their covering pretty much all bases.


  1. Semi permanent and direct dye’s. Bright and vivid colours and also pastel colours all look beautiful and have stunning effects. However they are a nightmare to keep pastel colours fade so quickly usually fading to blonde and the bright and vivid colours fade to pastel versions of themselves losing the vividness. When it comes to keeping these colours in pristine, just done perfection then it takes a little care and most definitely a semi or direct dye. Semi and direct dye is a great way of keeping fashion colours at their best your stylist would usually recommend the ideal semi or direct dye for you. These short term colours offer amazing shine and make your hair feel unbelievably good. However they will only colour hair that is already colour treated so they wont help to disguise your roots and will have minimal effects on natural hair unless you’re a naturally light colour. With many brands now offering natural shades in semi and direct dyes even natural shades can be boosted with the depth of colour,  shine and radiance you get from a semi and direct dye.

    Popular brands of semi and direct dyes are, Renbow Crazy Color, Affinage Hot Shotz,  Celeb Luxury Gem lites. All these brands contain many different shades and colours, there’s one to suit everyone. Just remember when using semi permanent colours at home to always follow the manufacturers directions.


  1. Heat!!!!! Heat is one of the biggest causes of damage to your hair and also your colour fade. Damaged hair will not colour as well as healthy hair and will not retain colour molecules as efficiently. So what can we do to minimise the damage, well a good start is to turn down the heat. Very rarely are the highest settings on your electrical styling items needed, when it comes to blow drying your hair start with applying a good heat defence spray. This is a must for everybody and should be a staple in everyones hair product assortment. Next stay away from the top heat setting on your hairdryer and use it set to half heat and get your hair 80% dry before you start getting a brush involved to style it out. You could even go one step further and allow your hair to dry naturally, your hair will love you for it!!

So now your hairs dry its time to attack it with the straighteners or a styling wand. Now we all know its tempting to crank up the heat and watch the steam rising from our hair telling ourselves that the sizzling sound isn’t harming it. Well guess what guys that sizzling sound is your hair screaming save me, save me. So lets turn that heat down most straighteners now go up to 230°C your hair does not need this in its life turn it down to 180°C, same with your wands and any other after blow drying heated styling tools. If you do this your hair will start to get healthier, less split ends, no frazzled bits and your colour will have less fade and more shine. One last thing its not recommended to use heated styling tools more than twice a week so ditch straightening the life from your hair every day.

Ideal heat defence sprays to use are Affinage Mode Heat Shield, Maria Nila cream heat spray, Kitoko Heat defy spray and OSMO thermal defence spray.


Hopefully this has helped you understand how to keep that beautiful colour of yours in its best head turning condition. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Now go ahead and swish your hair!!!!!!


Matt x x