Hairdressers In Wolverhampton | Welcome Back! 

So, We're now coming up to finishing our third week back in the salon and honestly, We're glad to see your faces again! It really has been a while. 

We hope that you kept as safe as possible during the lockdown and hope that you're happy with how we're trying to keep you safe whilst in the salon if you've visited. If you haven't had the chance to visit yet, That's understandable, we booked up very, very quickly! Remember, the earlier you get your appointments the better. 

What is life like in our Wolverhampton Hair Salon?

Well, As you may have guessed life in the salon has changed a lot, We're all wearing a variety of PPE which include visors, face masks, aprons, gloves and you'll also notice the couch roll covering all of the furniture. It's very strange, yes! 
You may also notice that you don't really tend to see any clients waiting anymore, We've tried to leave at least a 15-minute gap between each client so that all the worksurfaces can be wiped down with disinfectant, all of the equipment can be placed in Disicide and all of the couch roll on the basin and the chairs can be changed as well. We're also doing this so there is the least number of people in the building at any one time allowing for social distancing to be much easier, as you know, we're not the biggest salon in Wolverhampton. 

Serving Hot Drinks

One of the things that I personally did enjoy pre-lockdown was hot drinks in the salon, sometimes it was nice to make your client a coffee and just sit and have a chat and a catch-up, unfortunately, though for the foreseeable future we will not be allowed to make hot drinks, instead, serving an ice-cold bottle of water, How thrilling! 

Booking Appointments

So, We are asking all clients to try and be as on the ball with their appointments as possible because spaces do fill up quickly and for a while, we are having to see fewer clients than usual due to the space between each client, etc... So please do call us or contact us on Facebook to book your appointment. We are also asking clients to book their next appointment while in the salon to avoid disappointment at a later date.