We Love Amika!

Who are Amika?

When I started this article, I had no idea who Amika were, but writing this and researching more about the company has opened by eyes and I have found myself pleasantly surprised by Amika’s positivity and genuine love for our world and all the creatures within it.  

Amika are a hair cosmetics company founded by Industry OUTSIDERS in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2007 with the aspirations of helping others not aspire toward idealised beauty, but to embrace your own individuality and the beauty that comes from that. Amika stand for 5 things; Experimentation over perfection, Fun over elite, Individuality over conformity, Collaboration over ego and finally, Hair over clothes. These are all fantastic ideals and although, I myself would choose a snazzy shirt over getting my hair done, none of us can deny when we see someone rocking an awesome do, we aren’t looking at their clothes. But for me, the most amazing part of Amika is that they, quite proudly, have never and never will conduct animal testing.

This in itself is a beautiful thing. Up until quite recently, most cosmetic and beauty products all around the world were conducted on animals. In fact, in the UK for most drugs and chemicals it is a legal requirement to test on animals. From your favourite foundation, the pesticides on your veggies to the painkillers you take after a night out, they’re all testing on animals before shipping out to your local chemists and supermarkets. Chemicals within hair products are tested on animal skin, eyes, ears and can even be injected or consumed by the animals causing vomiting, tremors, organ failure, paralysis and even killing hundreds to thousands for each new chemical and product.

This article started out quite happy and pleasant and I don’t mean to bring it down but this is a serious topic. I am not an animal activist, I make sure to buy free range foods and when I can cruelty free products but, I am sad to admit, I have never thought too much about it past that. Researching this topic has been such an eye opener and it has been genuinely distressing to find out the horrific tests and mutilations that we have forced upon these poor creatures, some of which are done by brands that I use everyday. 

I’m actually kind of torn; I do not wish for anyone to have seen the images and read into the awful testing methods, however I also feel it important for others to be educated on this as I have been. It is up to you if this is something you wish to pursue but my hope is that others will not be blindly ignorant about this issue as I once was. This is why brands like Amika, Paul Mitchell and Giovanni are so important and will help make such a huge difference in our world today. 

Right, now let’s talk about something a bit brighter, and by brighter I mean the gorgeous products and their outstanding designs! I mean, wow. Even without the amazing 5-star rating and supposed smell of the heavens,I would still be checking out this brand. They are just so darn cute. With bright, colourful designs with intricate patterns, you know these guys mean business. 

Starting with the wash, Amika already have a range of shampoos, conditioners and masks for different hair types and styles, each with their own colour scheme and design. 

Amika NormcoreNormcore - ★★★★★ So as we can assume, this is your regular everyday shampoo and conditioner for any hair type. Normcore is infused with Coconut Acid, a heap of healthy oils and vitamins, is Vegetarian friendly as well as cruelty free and can be used on Coloured, Brazilian and Keratintreated hair.  Reading through reviews from amazon.com and from the loveamika.com site, this is easily a 5 start product all round with reviews from ages ranged 18 to 55+ and a variety of hair types from fine and straight to curly thick, all ravaging about how much they love this product. 


Amika Soulfood Hair MaskSoulfood - ★★★★★ Now if you’re anything like me, you’ll be wondering if there is any type of deep conditioning or hair mask for this product and thankfully there is! I am making an assumption here as the the Nourishing hair Mask ‘Soulfood’ doesn’t actually say it’s in the Normcore range but It does have the same design and colouring so i’m making an educated guess.  When I was told about this I was very excited; I like to have one night per week where I run a bath, set out some candles and listen to an audiobook with a hair mask working it’s magic on me and this seems to be the magic I was looking for; this deep conditioning treatment will restore and hydrate dry hair back to it’s original healthy shine with Jojoba oil, an oil with amazing benefits filled to the brim with vitamins that are great for strengthening and nourishing hair, Vitamin C, Vegan and cruelty free and can be used on Coloured, Brazilian and Keratin treated hair like it’s counterparts in the Normcore range. Also for a little side note, if you’re into it, like I know I am, apparently it smells super yum too. What’s not to love? 


Amika Bust Your BrassBust your brass - ★★★★★ (4.9) So this one is for the Blondes out there and stops brassiness with it’s ultra-violet shampoo and conditioner keeping your hair looking light, bright and vibrant. This lovely range has Wild cheery bark extract that seems to make light hair colours pop and keeps the hair smooth and silky, Hydrolysed
Keratin locking in moisture, Avacado oil which has an array of Vitamins and health benefits, is cruelty free and safe for coloured, brazil and keratin hair treatments.


The Kure - ★★★★★ (4.9) Let me just fan myself as this one is looking so darn cute. The Kure is a repairing shampoo and conditioner  that includes a mask in the range designed to mend and strengthen damaged hair. With benefits such as Hydrolysed Keratin to help open cuticles and locking in moisture, Hydrolysed Wheat protein which helps hair hold moisture for longer, Avocado oil for that Vit hit and of course, is cruelty free and safe for coloured, Brazilian and Keratin treated hair. If this is something you’re interested in don’t forget the hair mask with the same name and design, it is an intense conditioning treatment and from the reviews is great for damaged hair and hydration. 


Vault - ★★★★★ (4.9) You didn’t think there would be one for the blondies but not you colourful cuties did you? 
 Vault is a colour locking shampoo and conditioner with UV filters to help preserve. This one contains Soybean oil which keeps colour vibrant for longer, Amino Acid blend to keep each hair strand smooth and healthy, Betaine for a radiant shine and long lasting
moisture and is cruelty free and safe for coloured (seems silly writing that for a colour shampoo but for consistency sake), Brazilian and keratin treated hair.

Velveteen Dream - ★★★★★ (4.9) Admittedly with this one there are a lot less reviews, although from what there are, they’re fantastic. This product is a Fight-the-Fizz shampoo and conditioner made to aid in keeping that do down in humidity, the benefits in this range include; Allow Barbadensis leaf juice which strengthens hair and helps retain moisture, Provitamin B5 to restore resilience and reduce split ends and is vegetarian friendly as well as cruelty free and safe for coloured, Brazilian and keratin treated hair. 


The Shield - ★★★★★ (4.9) Before I move onto the next wash product; If you’re having humidity horrors this product is great alongside the Velveteen dream shampoo and conditioner. According to the loveamika.com site STOP EVERYTHING. Because you need this in your life. This is a heat activated spray that protects against Frizz for over 24 hours, it is also vegetarian friendly as well as cruelty free and safe for coloured, Brazilian and keratin treated hair. Neat right? 


Nice cream - ★★★★★ (4.9) I thought the last one only had a few reviews but dang this one had only 19 reviews on their own site, none the less the reviews are all outstanding. This conditioner is for a specific hair type and weightlessly hydrates curls coils and waves. It is infused with Grape seed oil which is a very lightweight oil that is packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and UC filters for a shiny, smooth, frizz free finish, Oat peptide to nourish and repair, Soybean protein for strength and again, is vegetarian friendly, cruelty free and safe for coloured, Brazilian and Keratin treated hair.


3D - ★★★★★ (5.0) The last wash product is 3D and dang, I’m into this. This shampoo and conditioner duo is designed to create volume and thicken hair, it is a new product for Amika and hits every tick straight down the board, the weightless shampoo cleanses from root to tip creating fullness, lift and leaves your hair looking and feeling thicker. Benefits include; Redensyl which promotes hair growth, Hydrolysed Rice protein for thickness, Hydrolysed Vegetable proteins for volume and moisture and this product is also cruelty free but it does not say it is safe for coloured, Brazilian and Keratin treated hair! So be careful when using, it may be worth testing a strand of hair on the underside first. I thought I’d be writing that for every product.  



Perk Up Dry Shampoo - ★★★★★ (4.9) A talc-free product made from natural rice starch that will leave hair refreshed without leaving white residue.


Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner 144mlSilken up - ★★★★★ (4.8) To leave your hair soft and smooth with a weightless spray filled with Provitamin B5 to restore resilience, protect against breakage and reduce spilt ends.
Both are vegetarian friendly, cruelty free and safe for coloured, Brazilian and keratin hair and both are great for those in between days, if you wake up 10 minutes before your due into work (we’ve al done it latest once) or like me you just want to add a bit of volume to your roots.


There are so many products available from Amika from Hair sprays, Volume and Texture powders and sprays and even hair serums but as it’s been so glorious and sunny lately and I don’t know about you but i’ve been feeling it, I’m going to leave you with the holiday packs!


amika holiday pack blonde bombshellBlonde Bombshell Holiday pack  This pack contains 300ml bottle of Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde shampoo, 250ml of the same conditioner and Bust your brass Violet leave-in foam, a no rince treatment that keeps your blonde bright and your hair hydrated. Packed with V i t a m i n s , healthy fats and oils, this set does exactly what it says on the box so rock that blonde bombshell look. 


amika holiday pack girls girls girlsGirls Girls Girls Holiday pack This is my favourite pack I think, with a 192ml the Un.Done Volume and Matte texture spray, 323ml bottle of Perk Up dry shampoo and 16oz Vandal Volume Powder Spray you can really boost that volume.  Un.Done volume matte texture spray is described on the site as ‘sexy-in-a-bottle’ and I may be inclined to believe them, with Rice starch for a high volume and textured finish without any residue and Zeolite to fight the frizz, what more could I need from a bit of ‘Umph’? Similarly with the Vandal Volume Powder spray, its build to be sexy whilst keeping hair healthy and not drying out or becoming damaged from overusing products.  I am super into this pack, it sounds like the bees-knees. 


amika holiday pack the new normalThe Normal Holiday Pack  The last one I’m going to talk about as this post is knocking on a bit and you probably don’t want to hear about me drooling over these anymore, is the normal pack! This one because sometime you don’t want any fancy bits, you just wants a darn good job done, to smell yummy and to flaunt what you got. So this pack contains 300ml Normcore shampoo and conditioner and a mini soul food nourishing mask, if you’ve read through you’ll know that these are fantastic all rounders for anyone.


These are all the fantastic mini’s of the products to travel with or even just trial the products before you invest in the larger versions. Remember there are more available on the store, I hope my teaser has piqued your interest… Either way, an awesome buy and currently available on the shop! 

So there you have it! I hope my fan-girling hasn’t been too bad but I truly believe this is a quality, well thought out brand made for open minded individuals and as a more serious note, remember; in this day and age, your own individuality is one of the most important parts of who you are, with brands like Amika becoming more widely known and available, I believe can help others with confidence in themselves to be whomever they are, as well as one day bringing testing on animals to a complete halt within the cosmetics and beauty industry. 

Thanks for reading, if you do try any of our Amika products leave a comment here or a review, we love to hear how you get on with them!  -Helena


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