Amika Christmas Gift Sets

Every year we always look forward to the gift sets and this year is no exception to the rule! Especially when you consider it's out first year of selling Amika coming to an end! Unfortunately, we always have to wait until the end of the year until the brands reveal what the gift sets are actually going to be! 

We can safely tell you that we're not dissapointed with what they've given us! I Personally feel like they've taken the time to look at their sales patterns, look at what people together and understand what would give their customers good value for money! 

They've put together what i can only describe as some superb value for money gift packs that we hope they continue to sell well into the new year! With 2020 fast approaching on us we're going to be needing these gift sets to give our hair the love and attention its been lacking through december, Especially if you've been unable to get an appointment with your hairdressers. 

I know our Wolverhampton hair salon has certainly booked up extremely fast this year!