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  1. Manic Panic Men's Hair Colour

    Steve Austin

    Jarred Liddington

    Steve Austin

    #Mermen Have you seen this yet? This is one of the latest trends sweeping the globe and men all over the world are joining the unicorn club by dying their hair and their bears a whole range of colours! We think this is simply great! We

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  2. What Is Salicylic acid

    What Is Salicylic Acid? 

    Salicylic Acid is a product that can be found in many beauty products, as it is classed as a topical agent it has a property that is capable of penetrating and breaking down fates and lipids. 

    It is used in the manufacturing of many pharmaceuticals including being one of the original starting minerals for making Asprin in 1897!

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  3. How To Stop Hair Colour Fade

    Surely everybody who has their hair coloured wants keep that colour looking the best it can in-between salon visits. So over the next few paragraphs I will be relaying my top tips to keeping your hair colour in tip top shape. So your tresses always look bright, shiny, rich and beautiful.

    So we’ve all been there when you have an amazing colour done at the salon that you fall in love with only to find that in about 3 weeks your colour has faded or has lost its glossy shine. So what can we do to keep our manes looking the best.

    1. So quite possibly one of the most important ways of preventing colour fade and also the easiest one for you to do. DON’T wash your hair within the first 48 hours of having your colour done.

       All of my clients that have colours on I will always recommend that they don’t wash their hair within 48 hours of the service. This is because colour molecules can still be active within the hair shaft for up to 48 hours post service.

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  4. How to get better feeling hair!

    If I had to write down what I thought one of the most common questions a hairdresser gets asked it would be the following “How can I get my hair to feel better?”

    Now there isn’t a single response to this question as it depends what you feel is wrong with the feeling of your hair. Is it too dry? Is it fried? Too many split ends? Whichever one of these it is will reflect in the answer that we would give so we’re going to go through a few of our most common pieces of advice that we give to clients when they ask us this question.

    • How can I fix split ends?
      The simple answer is “You don’t” If you have split ends, we’re afraid the only way that you’re going to get rid of them is by having them cut off! Now don’t freak out! We’re not going to make you have 12 inches cut off your hair and cut your fringe above your eyebrows…. Unless you ask for that and that’s the look you’re going for.

      Something we would say in this case is why do you have split en
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  5. We're a vegan friendly salon in Wolverhampton!

    To say we've had quite a few phone calls in the last year asking if we're vegan friendly is an understatement!
    We're very proud to say though that we are a vegan friendly salon and can accommodate with vegan friendly products such as Affinage!

    We offer a variety of services all of which use vegan friendly products! The hair colour we use as standard is vegan friendly, we have shampoos & conditioners that are also vegan friendly and not only that, they're also paraben and sulphate free as well! 

    We're also proud to sell a wide variety of 100% vegan friendly products from amazing brands such as Maria Nila! 

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  6. Sulfate Free Shampoo

    Sulphate Free Shampoos

    Is your hair getting bleached or is your dye fading away earlier than it should? Do your hair still feel rough even after slathering them with loads of conditioner and you can’t seem to find any product that can make them any better? May be then its time you really reconsidered your hair shampoo choices. Most shampoos available over the shelf contain different kinds of chemicals including sulphates ; sulphate in particular wipes of the natural oils from your hair and scalp making them look dry and dull. In some cases, it even leads to hair fall as well as discoloration of hair depending on the concentration of sulfate that is used in the production of shampoo. However, there is a solution to this problem that many are unaware of: sulphate shampoos. Read ahead for some amazing sulfate free shampoos! [product_category category="sulphate-free-shampoo"]
    1. Maria Nila True Soft Shampoo

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  7. We Use Olaplex

    So Revive Hair Artists has officially become a stockist of Olaplex!

    You might be wondering "What is Olaplex and why do i need it?"
    <h1>What is Olaplex?</h1>
    Olaplex is an additive that we mix in with products such as bleach or hair dye to lower the damage that is done to your hair. Even when using more expensive colours and bleaches damage is still done to the hair and adding something such as Olaplex will just decrease the amount of damage that is done during your colour service.

    One of the great joys of Olaplex is that it’s free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten and is never tested on animals! Great news!

    It also promises a longer lasting colour, unfortunately it won't stop those roots coming through though!

    If you'd like do find out more about Olaplex why not pop in

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  8. 90's Hairstyles You're Sure Were "Hot" Back in the day!

    2. Baby Spice has to be at the top of our 90's hairstyles list with those pig tails! I'm a 90's kid myself.... And i remember everybody having these in school when the Spice Girls were big! Yes, i even had a poster of them myself and i'm still pretty sure i can remember every single word of every single song! and i'm not ashamed to admit it!
    4. Feathered Bangs! To be honest! I don't actually mind this look and still see it around today! That lift! That volume!! Everybody that had this hair style remembers blow drying their ha
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