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  1. The History Of Shampoo

    Interested in learning about shampoo? 
    When was shampoo invented? 
    Where did shampoo get Its name from? 
    What did we use before shampoo? 
    You can learn all that and more in this blog post! 

  2. Purple Shampoo Turned My Hair Purple

    If you've overdone it with the purple shampoo, You may find that the purple shampoo has turned your hair purple. So we've got some advice for you and how you can rectify it. 

  3. What is sulfate-free shampoo and should I be using it?

    What is sulfate-free shampoo and should I be using it?

    We've noticed that the phrase "Sulphate-Free" is being thrown around a lot at the moment and with all things, People are asking well what is a sulphate free shampoo and should I be using one? Many people though may not know what sulphates are! I certainly didn't until I entered the world of hairdressing! 

    So we're going to go through what sulphates are, what they do to your hair and why you should or shouldn't be using a sulphate-free shampoo.

  4. Why Is Argan Oil So Expensive?

    Why Is Argan Oil So Expensive?

    Learn everything you could ever want to know about Argan Oil, Where it originates from, How it's made and why it's perhaps on the more pricey side of hair care products! 

    You'll also come to see tha there are less expensive products on the Argan Oil market that do everythign you need and more for prices that won't break the bank! 

  5. Joico Colour Intensity | Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

    Joico Colour Intensity | Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

    Why We're In Love With Joico Colour Intensity

    We first started to sell Joico Colour Intensity at the beginning of 2020, We'd started stocking Joico the previous year but the Colour Intensity range was really the product that kickstarted it for us all! 

    When we initially started to stock it, we had no idea that we were about to enter a pandemic that would see all UK hair salons closed for what seemed like an eternity. Naturally, people still had to have their hair coloured! I personally managed to refrain from colouring my hair at home but the cost of this was a lot of grey hair that surprised even me! 

    Anyway, The first month of lockdown would see us almost entirely sold out of Joico Colour Intensity! This is obviously a great thing for sales but it also made me realise how popular Joico actually was! The reviews we were getting were absolutely great!

  6. How To Remove Hair Dye From Your Skin

    Top tips for hair dye removal from skin

    So for all of you out there whoʼve dyed your hair; whether itʼs tidying up your hairline at the Salon or completely losing the tops of your ears after using a home kit (Donʼt worry, weʼve all been there!), at some point weʼve needed to remove hair dyes from our skin. Depending on how and what you use, this can be a quick wipe or stubborn scrub, here are a few facts, top tips, and products to save you from the latter.

    If you’re new to hair dying or just curious about itʼs effects, you may want to know if hair dye is damaging to you. The short answer is no. As hair dye is meant to potentially be on your skin for the duration of the dying process it is designed to be harmless, however, some people do have reactions to certain chemicals such as Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is why it is always recommended to do a test patch with new products and dyes around 24 hours before. Donʼt worry, reactions to this are usually due to sensi

  7. 1920s Hairstyles - Taking you back to the "Roaring Twenties"

    1920s Hairstyles "The Roaring Twenties"

    Right then! Let's learn about 1920s hairstyles!
    Whilst researching this topic I came to realize that it's actually quite a popular topic however when you consider the size of the internet, there really isn't much written about it at all! It was almost over 100 years ago I guess!

    I would like to recommend that you all click play on the youtube video and listen to some 1920's music to set the mood and show appreciation to the beauty of the 1920s after all, it wasn't as simple as just plugging in your straighteners and getting the perfect curl.

     1920s Hair Styling Tools

    I'd like to start off with a little about the hairstyling tools of the 1920s that nowadays we give very little thought to. There are so many beautiful pictures of so

  8. What Hair Colour Suits Me?

    What Hair Colour Suits Me?

    Ok, So, everybody is dyeing their hair right now! Yes, Everybody! Even your great aunt Mildred! Bless her.. But, if you're thinking of joining this club you've probably been asking yourself "What Colour Should I Dye My Hair?" I've asked myself this many times, Only because I’m running out of colours to choose though of course! 

    So, These suggestions can obviously be taken with a pinch of salt! If our blog says that red is more your colour but you want blue then seriously, just go blue and rock that style! 

    Red, Purple and Blue Hair

    Start With The Blonde Bombshell! 

    Right then, we'll start off with the blonde bombshell! I'm sure that at some point in your lives you've wanted to g

  9. Where To Buy Design Me Hair Products

    Where To Buy Design Me Hair Products

    Design.Me Hair Products

    So many of you are searching for designmehair products and we've had incredible success with them! Particularly when it comes to the Design.Me Fab Me Moisturizing Hair Mist.
    So we're going to take a look at some of the other designmehair products that are both new and upcoming and great successes already! But first, Let's tell you a little bit about designmehair.

    Where Design.Me Hair Began!

    Design.Me all began with four friends and a single united vision, To revolutionize the professional haircare industry by bringing fun, possibility, and innovation to the main stage of hairdressing and hairstyling.

    They set out to create choice products that would turn heads with unique formulations, special features, colourful, and powerful branding! The vision came to life and rapidly took off under

  10. Is Affinage Vegan Friendly?

    Is Affinage Vegan Friendly?

    Yes! They are vegan friendly, The the exception of the Kitoko Protein Additive which contains Keratin. Keratin is produced from humanely extracted wool residue which is the ONLY animal-derived ingredient used by ASP. We literally didn't want to write 1000 words on why Affinage is vegan friendly, just to get to the bottom to tell you yes. Whilst this blog post may actually be longer than that I feel it's important to get the answer that you actually came for quickly. 

    Is ASP Vegan?

    Yes, Affinage have rebranded and are now known as ASP, So with the exception of the Protein Additive, All ASP hair products are vegan-friendly.

    Is Affinage PPD Free?

    Yes, Affinage, Affinage hair colour is PPD free! 

    We're A Vegan-Friendly Salon in Wolverhampton

    So, we've noticed the trend over the last few years of Veganism becoming very popular, Understandably we wanted to maintain our high level of service