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  1. Silver Shampoo for Brassy Hair

    If you are anything like me, then you may find yourself going back to blonde frequently, this is personally the longest I’ve ever been blonde. We are coming up to around three years I have managed to refrain from dying my hair another colour because as many of you know, we will miss being blonde when we leave it.

    Because of this though, especially through the lockdown of 2020, you may have found yourself in need of a silver shampoo for brassy hair, I know I did. The first time I was able to get my roots bleached up to blonde again, there was no way it was going to match the ends of my hair for some time, even with toning.

    Luckily, working at a Wolverhampton Hair Salon has its perks! I knew exactly what silver shampoo that I was going to be using and I knew that everything was going to be ok!

    So today, we are going to write about some silver shampoos for brassy hair that have worked wonders over the years for me and for clients.

  2. Why Is Argan Oil So Expensive?

    Why is Argan Oil so expensive?

    Argan Oil is quickly becoming seen in more and more products, Particularly in higher-end products such as high-end hair care products and high-end skincare products but why has it become so popular, Why is it so expensive and why has it all of a sudden become so popular?

    Where Does Argan Oil Come From?

    Argan Oil originates from Morocco and it’s made from the seed of the Argan Tree, which in all honesty, doesn’t really look much different from any other tree you’d find.

    The Argan Seeds have been used for centuries for a few different things, One of which is in food!

    The Argan Seeds are only picked when they have fully matured, this is usually when they have fallen off the tree to the ground and turned a light brown colour.

    After they’re picked, they’re then left to dry when they’re then peeled and cracked to get to the seed inside. To create just 1 litre of Argan Oil, you need to collect around 20kg of the

  3. Hairdressers In Wolverhampton | We're Glad To Be Back!

    Hairdressers In Wolverhampton | Welcome Back! 

    So, We're now coming up to finishing our third week back in the salon and honestly, We're glad to see your faces again! It really has been a while. 

    We hope that you kept as safe as possible during the lockdown and hope that you're happy with how we're trying to keep you safe whilst in the salon if you've visited. If you haven't had the chance to visit yet, That's understandable, we booked up very, very quickly! Remember, the earlier you get your appointments the better. 

    What is life like in our Wolverhampton Hair Salon?

    Well, As you may have guessed life in the salon has changed a lot, We're all wearing a variety of PPE which include visors, face masks, aprons, gloves and you'll also notice the couch roll covering all of the furniture. It's very strange, yes! 
    You may also notice that you don't really tend to see any clients waiting anymore, We've tried to leave at least a 15-minute

  4. Maria Nila | Why this is your new favourite vegan friendly hair care brand!

    Let's talk about Maria Nila and why we know that this, is your new favourite vegan friendly hair care brand!

  5. Maria Nila Colour Refresh

    Maria Nila Colour Refresh

    Some of you reading this will already have heard of or even used the brand Maria Nila before. If you've already been introduced and you've used them then you'll already know how incredible this brand is. If you've never heard of this brand before or you've been recommended their products then we need to tell you that you're not going to be disappointed! Especially when we tell you that they're 100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly! 

    They have an incredible range of hair products and they're constantly expanding their product range, constantly giving us everything we didn't know we needed! 

    Today though, we're mainly going to be focussing on the Maria Nila Colour Refresh just because I really feel this

  6. We Love Amika!

    We Love Amika!

    Who is Amika?

    When I started this article, I had no idea who Amika were, but writing this and researching more about the company has opened by eyes and I have found myself pleasantly surprised by Amika’s positivity and genuine love for our world and all the creatures within it.  

    Amika is a hair cosmetics company founded by Industry OUTSIDERS in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2007 with the aspirations of helping others not aspire toward idealised beauty, but to embrace your own individuality and the beauty that comes from that. Amika stands for 5 things; Experimentation over perfection, Fun over elite, Individuality over conformity, Collaboration over ego and finally, Hair over clothes. These are all fantastic ideas and although I myself would choose a snazzy shirt over getting my hair done, none of us can deny when we see someone rocking an awesome do,

  7. How To Remove Hair Dye From Your Skin

    Top tips for hair dye removal from skin

    So for all of you out there whoʼve dyed your hair; whether itʼs tidying up your hairline at the Salon or completely losing the tops of your ears after using a home kit (Donʼt worry, weʼve all been there!), at some point weʼve needed to remove hair dyes from our skin. Depending on how and what you use, this can be a quick wipe or stubborn scrub, here are a few facts, top tips, and products to save you from the latter.

    If you’re new to hair dying or just curious about itʼs effects, you may want to know if hair dye is damaging to you. The short answer is no. As hair dye is meant to potentially be on your skin for the duration of the dying process it is designed to be harmless, however, some people do have reactions to certain chemicals such as Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is why it is always recommended to do a test patch with new products and dyes around 24 hours before. Donʼt worry, reactions to this are usually due to sensi

  8. 1920s Hairstyles - Taking you back to the "Roaring Twenties"

    1920s Hairstyles "The Roaring Twenties"

    Right then! Let's learn about 1920s hairstyles!
    Whilst researching this topic I came to realize that it's actually quite a popular topic however when you consider the size of the internet, there really isn't much written about it at all! It was almost over 100 years ago I guess!

    I would like to recommend that you all click play on the youtube video and listen to some 1920's music to set the mood and show appreciation to the beauty of the 1920s after all, it wasn't as simple as just plugging in your straighteners and getting the perfect curl.

     1920s Hair Styling Tools

    I'd like to start off with a little about the hairstyling tools of the 1920s that nowadays we give very little thought to. There are so many beautiful pictures of so

  9. What Hair Colour Suits Me?

    Ok, So, everybody is dyeing their hair right now! Yes, Everybody! Even your great aunt Mildred! Bless her.. But, if you're thinking of joining this club you've probably been asking yourself "What Colour Should I Dye My Hair?" I've asked myself this many times, Only because I’m running out of colours to choose though of course! 

    So, These suggestions can obviously be taken with a pinch of salt! If our blog says that red is more your colour but you want blue then seriously, just go blue and rock that style! 

    Red, Purple and Blue Hair

    Start With The Blonde Bombshell! 

    Right then, we'll start off with the blonde bombshell! I'm sure that at some point in your lives you've wanted to g

  10. Amazing Hairdressers in Wolverhampton

    Amazing Hairdressers In Wolverhampton

    Now, We may be biased when we write a blog about the best hairdressers in Wolverhampton right? Well, it's hard not to be when we have such great feedback and such great client retention! Not to mention being in a handy city center location! 

    What Makes Revive Hair Artists Wolverhampton Special? 

    Personally, I believe that our team of qualified hairdressers is just the tip of the iceberg. Our team is more than just that, we don't only speak to each other whilst we're at work, we wind each other up outside of work as well. We've had Karaoke nights together, we've had weddings, nights out, we've even ordered Indian to the salon before after closing time just because we figured that it would be something nice to do for a change, and honestly, it was rather nice.

    Some of the feedback that we've had from our extraordinary little Wolverhampton Hairdressers has been incredible, we don't want any of our clients