Affinage Mode Root Booster 200ml

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Affinage Mode Root Booster 200ml
  • Gives Enormous Volume From The Root Up
  • Incredibly Firm Yet Flexible Hold
  • Allows For Bigger & Better Hairstyles
  • Easy Applcation With Nozzle

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What does the Affinage Mode Root Booster do?

This is a question we're thrilled to answer! You may have seen this in salons before but never actually had it used on yourself or even seen it used before, That's becuase it's in all honesty a very unique product which we've had some incredible feedback from and i personally can't wait for this to get the credit it deserves. 

The Affinage Mode Root Booster does exactly that, It gives the hair enormous volume from the root up! It has an incredibly firm yet flexible hold and is probably one of the biggest hair styling products you didn't even know you were missing until now! 

How do you use the Affinage Mode Root Booster?

Using the Mode Root Booster couldn't be easier, You may have already noticed that there is a small nozzle coming off the top of the canister, This in all honestly is one of the most helpful things i have ever seen on a hair product to date, The nozzle allows you to get directly to the root without covering the rest of your hair, potentially wasting product and getting unnecessary product build up. Simply aim the nozzle at the root of your hair and spray, When you've done that, simply tease the hair a little bit, get your desired look and then we always like to give the hair a quick spray with the Affinage Hair Spray.

When applying the root booster, i'd like to say that we've found with Affinage products a little really does go a long way! If you find that your hair is becoming greasy or the product is leaving a residue on the hair, we would recommend using a little less on your next application until you find the right amount that works for you. 

Let the big hair make a comeback!

I personally love big hair, Let's leave the salon smooth look in the past and let's start adding volume and texture to our hair again! You know you've missed it. 

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