Affinage Mode Dream Cream 125ml

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  • Lightweight
  • Smoothing
  • Shine
  • Radiant glow

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Are you always trying to achieve that beautiful glossy frizz free hair. Affinage Dream Cream is defintely the product for you. 

 With celebrities like Kim Kardashian sporting frizz free glossy locks and creating the new trend of glass hair (hair with incredible shine and glow) a product like this is a must have. Dream Cream is a lightweight smoothing cream that also protects your hair from heat whilst raising the moisture levels in your hair to help give the shine and gloss to each individual strand of hair. Containing iridescent mineral dust to help the light reflect off your hair and create beautiful radiant glow.

Your smooth, shiney and radiantly glowing hair will be turning heads before long. Move over Kim K theres a new girl in town.