Affinage System Blonde Anti-Yellow Shampoo

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Affinage System Blonde Anti-Yellow Shampoo

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Blue Shampoo For Blonde / Silver / Grey Hair

The Affinage System Blonde products have quickly become some of our best sellers! And having used Affinage products in our Wolverhampton hair salon for some years now, we're going to tell you why, and why you're going to fall in love with this blue shampoo! 

What Does The Affinage System Blonde Shampoo Do?

The Affinage System Blonde Shampoo literally only has one thing on its mind, DESTROY & NEUTRALISE unwanted yellow tones from your hair! 

If you've ever been blonde / grey / silver you'll know that over time, your hair will start to pick up yellow / brassy tones. This can be caused by many things such as styling products / smoking / shampoos & conditioners or just environmental factors that are completely out of your control. 

The Affinage System Blonde Shampoo however will work it's magic to neutralise those tones.

This blue shampoo has much more to offer though, It will leave your hair feeling revitalised, It's formulated with a low PH and removes impurities from the hair. It's sulphate free so you'll be pleased to know it's a colour-safe shampoo. 

You'll notice, even after your first use that your hairs natural shine will be more intense, blonde hair will look brighter and after several uses, you'll notice a hint of silver which will enhance white / grey / greying hair.