Affinage Colour Remover System Eraser

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  • Reduces Artificial Colour Molecules Within The Hair
  • Safer & More Controlable Than Other Bleach Products
  • Eraser Will Not Damage Previously Bleached Hair
  • 100% Removal Of Permanent Colour Molecules
Eraser actively reduces the artificial colour molecules within the hair shaft & allows them to be completely rinsed away. Because no bleaching takes place, Eraser is a much safer and more controllable product than other ‘bleach’ based colour removal systems. Eraser will not lift natural hair, thus making colour removal easier when a regrowth is present. Eraser will not damage hair that has been previously bleached, chemically relaxed or permed. Unlike other colour removal systems, the low pH formula conditions the hair, leaving it in better condition than when you started and ready for a fresh application of colour immediately.
With an easy to use crème consistency, Eraser is easy to apply, and with 100% removal of permanent colour molecules you can rest assured that when you re-colour the results will be everything you hoped for.
Eraser gives you the power to create tomorrow’s look today.
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FeaturesCruelty Free, Vegan Friendly, Vegetarian Friendly
Cruelty FreeYes
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