Steve Austin

Jarred Liddington

Steve Austin

#Mermen Have you seen this yet? This is one of the latest trends sweeping the globe and men all over the world are joining the unicorn club by dying their hair and their bears a whole range of colours! We think this is simply great! We fully believe that colour can be a great way to express yourself, personally i've had a whole range of hair colours over the last 10 years and i've got to say, if i had a better beard like these guys, i'd probably consider doing this as well! Especially the first Steve Austin picture! What a sexy purple that is and the hair to match! WOW! 

So, Being a salon we do get the occasional male customer that comes in and has something different, we love different! Different makes people intersting but sometimes i personally think that there is some sort of stigma around men that colour their hair an un-natural colour. When i had all my "Crazy Colours" I remember i'd get funny looks some times, especially when i had a mohawk! The looks didn't bother me because to be honest i actually felt more uncomfortable with natually coloured hair! 

If you're a guy, would you colour your hair? Have you coloured your hair? How do you feel about it? |

Ladies, if your husband wanted to colour his beard purple / pink / orange, would it bother you or would you join him and get the matching colour ran through your hair? 

Let us know your thoughts! :D