So, I'm not sure about everybody else that's reading this but.... I'm literally sure it was only Christmas of 2017 like, last week? Nope? Just me? 

Every year, it seems to feel that Christmas comes round quicker and quicker, maybe it's just something that comes with age? But i've also noticed, every year that hair and beauty products come out with new gift sets and they really just get better and better every year so we've made you this blog to show you a few of our favorite Chrismtas gifts for all lovers of hair & beauty. 

Maria Nila Gift Sets UK

First off we're going to start with one of our top rated Vegan friendly brands and that is of course, Maria Nila! Now, we've been selling Maria Nila Gift Sets for a few years now, that's nothing new and they have always sold very well for us. This year though, they've given us some completely new gift sets! Some new products and can i just say how smart these new sets actually look! When they arrived in store i couldn't really work out what they were to start with, until that is, i looked behind the packaging and saw that they were in fact, my favourite vegan friendly gift sets. 

In these gift sets, you get a 300ml bottle of Vegan Friendly Hair Conditioner, a 350ml bottle of Vegan Friendly Shampoo and a 300ml bottle of Vegan Friendly Hand Soap with a pump. We sell this for £29.99 which if you were to buy all 3 seperate is an incredible saving! Not to mention the beautiful gift box that they come displayed in. Comparing the packaging to the previous years, i have to say that i'm actually very impressed with it. If i were to be completely honest, while i do think that the previous years packaging was very cute with its little ribbon on top as well, the actual packaging was a bit flimsy and i did find that it was prone to becoming dented or the corners would tear slightly just from being shipped to us from the manufacturer. This new packaging though, incredibly strong and incredibly sleek! 

Affinage Vegan Friendly Gift Sets

Continuing on with our Vegan Friendly range of gift sets, Affinage is next on our list! If you're already a customer of ours and you've visited us in the salon then you'll no doubt have seen Affinage plastered everywhere, The Affinage Hotshotz on the side by the basins, The Affinage Kitoko styling products on the sections and of course, the Affinage Shampo's & Conditioners by the basins also. Basically, you get the idea that we really love all of the Affinage products. Now they gift sets are something that is actually fairly new to us, we haven't actually sold them for very long nor have we had the entire range of Affinage products in the salon & on our website before BUT THAT'S ALL CHANGED! 

Design.Me Christmas Gift SetsDesign.ME Blow Dry Kit 230ml + 100ml

Design.ME Are the incredible creators of a beautiful range of hair care products with luxury and style in mind. For us, they're a relatively new brand but they've been a very good seller for us and we can't wait to start stocking even more of their products! They've recently brought is some gift sets out 

which live up to all of our expectacions and they have one for all your favorite Design.ME Products, take this Design.ME Blow Dry Kit for example, it contains a barrelled ceramic + Ionic round brush, a Full Size PowerDry.Me 230ml, A Travel Sized Fab.ME 100ml and 5 rubberized jaw clips! This is literally everything you need on your dressing table right now!

What makes Desgin.ME such as special brand to us? Well, like many of the products we sell they have been made without all of the nasty bits. Theyre, 100% Vegan ALWAYS!, Cruelty Free, Sulphate Free, Paraben Free & Gluten Free! 

Design.ME Made Without Nasty Bits!

Grooming Gifts For The Guys

So, when you're out looking for presents, particularly gift sets, there always seems to be alot more gift ideas for the ladies then there are the men, This year we have noticed a slight change in that! Whilst it seems most of these sets are aimed towards the ladies, companies like Wahl have given us some incredible gift sets just for the guys and we're loving them!