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Revive Hair Artists | News | Hairdressers in Wolverhampton

  1. What Is The Best Hair Filler?

    What Is The Best Hair Filler?

    Now this blog may come across sounding like i have a particular favorite hair filler as i do myself actually use hair filler as i've had thinning hair for years! 

    My answer to your question would be Eclipse Hair Filler. I'm going to be completely honest with you, It isn't the least inexpensive hair filler on the market but neither is it the most expensive. In fact, far from the most expensive! 

    When we first started to stock hair filler, i do admit that i thought it was going to be a bit of a gimmic, i had seen all of the videos on Facebook where it basically looked like magic and that did put me off a little, I just thought, how could a product be that good?

    Anyway, After having it in stock for a while we realised that it was actually a pretty hard product to test on clients as you don't really want to offend any of your clients, we've built up some great relationships with our customers and have become very good frien

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  2. Where To Buy Design Me Hair Products

    Where To Buy Design Me Hair Products

    Well you can buy all your favorite Design.Me products striaght from here! Revive Hair Artists have an ever expanding selection of Design.Me products coming into stock all the time so be sure you take advantage of that! 
    one of our most popular and favorite hair products however is the Puff Me. 

    They've been an incredible seller for us quickly being taken over by the Design.Me Blow Dry Mist! 

    You Found the Design.Me Hair Products! YAAY!
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  3. Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash Shampoo

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  4. Saving Your Salon MONEY!

    Replacement Hairdressing Cutting Stool Castors

    Replacement hairdressing cutting stool castors has to be the first thing on our list because it's such an easy thing to do and has very little cost associated compared to actually buying a new cutting stool. 

    Every hairdresser that using cutting stools on wheels is bound to have had this problem, It's something that's bogged us down for years. Hair always getting wrapped around the wheels and eventually they would stop moving and scuff the floor or tear the lino and no way were we willing to pay for new cutting stools very year, if you're a hairdresser you've probably seen how expensive they are! I meen what a rip off! 

    We had tried to get the hair our of the castors, as i guess you have also tried? It's impossible. If you get the actual wheel out of the castor, chances are it's not going to go back in and if it does, it's probably just going to keep falling off after that. 

    Our solution, was to source

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  5. Brazilian Blow Dry - Wolverhampton

    Keratin Straightening Treatment in Wolverhampton

    Yes, The famous Brazilian Blow Dry. This has to be one of my favourite services to watch as the results always blow my mind and were 100% sure that your mind will be just as blown. We're also sure that it will become your new addiction. I meen come on, Stepping out of the shower and just blasting your hair dry to perfectly smooth salon hair? Why would you not want this??? 

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  6. Eyelash Extensions in Wolverhampton

    Eyelash Extensions Now At Revive Hair Artists Wolverhampton Roxanne Stokes - Eyelash Extensions Wolverhampton

    If you're already a customer of ours you may have noticed that we now offer eyelash extensions. The fabulous Roxy has done her training, passed her course and has had some very happy customers already and we're looking to give even more of you those thicker longer looking lashes that you've always dreamed of! 

    Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

    Some of the benefits of having eyelash extensions are:

    • They will add volume and fullness to your existing natural eyelashes
    • Enhance those beautiful eyes of yours
    • Life your lashes to
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  7. Is Affinage Vegan Friendly?

    Is Affinage Vegan Friendly?

    Yes! They are vegan friendly. We literally didn't want to write 1000 words on why Affinage is vegan friendly, just to get to the bottom to tell you yes. Whilst this blog post may actually be longer than that i feel it's important to get the answer that you actually came for quickly. 

    We're A Vegan Friendly Salon in Wolverhampton

    So, we've noticed the trend over the last few years of Veganism becoming very popular, Understandably we wanted to maintain our high level of service whilst using excelent products and having the vegan friendly products behind us so we may call ourselves a vegan friendly salon. Whilst we actually stock a few vegan friendly brands now such as Maria Nila, Affinage has become our main vegan friendly brand of hair products that we can see ourselves sticking with for many years to co

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  8. Great Hair & Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas

    So, I'm not sure about everybody else that's reading this but.... I'm literally sure it was only Christmas of 2017 like, last week? Nope? Just me? 

    Every year, it seems to feel that Christmas comes round quicker and quicker, maybe it's just something that comes with age? But i've also noticed, every year that hair and beauty products come out with new gift sets and they really just get better and better every year so we've made you this blog to show you a few of our favorite Chrismtas gifts for all lovers of hair & beauty. 

    Maria Nila Gift Sets UK

    First off we're going to start with one of our top rated Vegan friendly brands and that is of course, Maria Nila! Now, we've been selling Maria Nila Gift Sets for a few years now, that's nothing new and they have always sold very well for us. This year though, they've given us some completely new gift sets! Some new products and can i just say how smart these new sets actually look! When they arrived in store

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    Ok, So i've ben wanting to write this article for a few weeks. 

    If your already one of our wonderful customers you may know that we sell alot through the internet, this includes our website, facebook store, email orders and of course my most hated medium, eBay! 

    You may want to know why it is that i dislike eBay so much and still continue to sell through it? Well the main reason is fake products! Due to eBays nature, people will go through listings see their favourite vegan friendly shampoo or latest set of OPI nail varnish colours listed for 50% cheaper than anywhere else online and think that they've grabbed themselves a bargain! Yes, ok sometimes this may very well be the case, were not denying that but alot of the time your most likely buying a FAKE product! 

    Before I was involved in the hair and beauty industry i used to have grey hair, and I loved it! If you've ever had grey hair you'll know what it's a hard colour to keep and the bett

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  10. Osmo Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo

    Osmo Super Silver Shampoo is has been made for people that have blonde, grey or super-lightened hair. It has been highly pigmented with violet pigments. This is to neutralise yellow and brassy tones in the hair which build up for various reasons such as, smoking, styling products and polutants you are exposed to every day within the atmosphere. 

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